Small cosmetic small enough?

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  1. Debating if the small cosmetic is small enough for speedy 30 and alma pm. In addition to zippy wallet, big Tom ford sunnies case, cles, iPhone... Or if It would be too cramped to fit the cosmetic in as well?
  2. Mine fits just fine in my speedy 30. Can even put a light sweater in and they will all fit. Surprisingly roomy.
  3. I have my cles with a wad of keys, small cosmetic pouch, international wallet, sunglasses pouch and some other stuff and still have tons of room left in my speedy 30.
  4. I have the GM cosmetic case in my speedy 30 with lots of other stuff and it fits fine x
  5. it should fit in either bag .... let us know if you get it!!
  6. Will work we'll. mine fits in my 30 great
  7. The Speedy 30 is a great bag with a lot of room inside. I'm a bag-stuffer! :lol: I never have trouble fitting things into my 30, including any of my cosmetic pouches or agendas. Great bag!
  8. Ok Great thanks!! Now I have thought of another must have LOL ill probably get the small one in monogram next month sometime...
  9. small enough? Have you looked in the "what's in my louis vuiton"thread to see what that bag will carry .... all that will fit in that bag and then some...