Small Compact Wallet

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  1. Really difficult to find a wallet that suits me perfectly, this Yellow wallet come into the picture as a nice substitute.

    Not as small as I wanted, but think I am liking the size more now. :P
    Not sure if I like the color (yellow has never been my kind of thing), but it is getting into me now. :biggrin:



  2. Fit a tons:



  3. Very lovely colour! Congratulations!
    BV used to make a mini wallet foldover that is slightly larger than a credit card.
  4. d - I've never been fond of yellow, mainly because I cannot wear it with my complexion. But that wallet is another story! Is that Yolk? It is a glorious bright color. I feel happy looking at it. No wonder it is getting to you.
  5. +1

    I definitely can't pull off yellow but that color is perfection! It does make me smile!
  6. The yellow color is so cheerful! Thanks for the photos showing what you can fit inside. It looks like you made a great choice for you. Enjoy!
  7. Yeah I know, I am looking for that trifold super mini wallet which BV no long sell :sad:

    But this wallet is nice as well :graucho:
  8. j - i know right? Yellow has never been my kind of thing at all. I am not sure of the name of the color but it look bright yellow in some pics, IRL it is slightly more tanned. I love it more IRL than in pics.

    Best of all, when I open up my bag to get my wallet, I am blind by the yellow - as though it is some blings kind-like. LOL
  9. Wow it is good to hear that it is making everyone smiles~!!
  10. Thank you blueiris, it is a cheerful color~;)
  11. great wallet and i love the color.
  12. I had a yellow wallet once. It was such a pop of sunshine in my bag. your's is really pretty.
  13. Gosh, how did I miss this reveal?

    GORGEOUS wallet - love the color - I've got a Compact French wallet on my way from our favorite enabler ... can't wait to receive it after seeing this ...

  14. So gorgeous and functional! Enjoy!
  15. Quite roomy for the looks of it, might consider this for my small wallet :biggrin: thanks for showing us!!