Small Coach goodies and a wallet for dad!

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  1. I am trying to get my husband to get a coach wallet, but he is scared the guys at work will make fun of him, or worse think its fake since alot of people buy the fake stuff when they go to the Phillipines or Korea
  2. GREAT finds!! Love that you got your dad a cool!! :smile: Dads are great!! :smile:
  3. I am so freakin jealous that I live 5 hrs away from an outlet ... everyone is getting such cute things
  4. Wow, cute stuff you got!

    LOL, If i were to get my dad a Coach wallet, he'd probably be like "Coach who?"
  5. Cute buys! I think men may very well start off w/ sig as well. My DH has had 3 Coach wallets (just got his 3rd, which is embossed), but his original was black mini sig.
  6. My dad and I are VERY close. He goes Coach shopping with me, I go to the outdoor/rifle shops with him. ;)
  7. Gorgeous haul! Congrats!
  8. LOVE the metallic as always =) I have the purple mini skinny and the pink zip around wallet...looking to get another wallet and the pink mini skinny! The Jewel collection is so awesome~congrats! It was very sweet of you to get your dad a Coach wallet =) Congrats on the new car!!!
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