Small Classic Flap.. too small?

  1. Hi!

    I have the medium classic flap waiting to be shipping to me on Thurs (in time for the EGC Event :p) however, it looks too big for me (im really petite!). I know most ppl here get the medium.. Ive never seen a small before.. Is there a big difference on size? And will I have a hard time looking for the small one? I want it in black caviar with gold hw.

    What do you ladies think?

  2. you mean the e/w flap rite? It's really small, probably for cocktail party or one nite out. You can find it in any boutique or dept store. I never saw it w/ gold hw though, only silver.
  3. Im not sure.. Ive seen the e/w.. Is that the same as the small cassic flap?
  4. There's also a small size flap that is not e/w.

    Mm.. I'd say the size difference is enough that you'd notice. To put it in perspective, I have one of those long rectangular LV wallets and when I put it in the small.. that's pretty much almost it. Almost all the space is taken up.

    For the medium/large classic flap, I can put that wallet into there and there'd still be room for a few more things/essentials like a cell phone and some lipstick/gloss.

    I think it all really depends on whether you want to use it as strictly a going out purse or whether you think you may want to use it in more "normal" "day to day" circumstances like going shopping, etc. where you may need to take more than if you were just going out to dinner.
  5. I think the E/W actually holds more than the medium.
  6. The small classic flap is small... my gf uses it as a clutch and loves the way it looks. I do however like the medium cuz it has a double flap. Now I regret returning the Jumbo... its just soo hot!

    I bought the mini classic flap... totally doesnt fit anything except our Chanel CC holder, cell phone, keys and lipstick/lipliner. Nice for going to a bar/lounge/club. Hope its not too much information :shrugs:
  7. I'm pretty petite myself 4'11 and 93 pounds,I have the med/large white classic flap and it fits me perfectly! I think the small is way too small.
  8. I think the small looks great on petite women! :yes: There's definitely a noticeable difference between the small and the medium...and it sounds like you would like how the small would look on you better. But the smaller size also means you can fit less in the bag, so you'll have to consider what you want to fit in it. Lots to think about...good luck with your decision!!!!! ;)
  9. Thanks everyone! Are the straps on the classic the same for every size or is it shorter for the small classic flap compared to the medium flap? I love the size of the medium flap since I would be able to fit more stuff in there but the straps might be too long for me?
  10. These are the small classic flap correct?
    nicole.jpg small.jpg
  11. Nicole's looks like it could be the e/w but someone more knowledgeable will come along and let you know for sure.
    I like the look of the e/w but I couldn't fit much in it and got the med/large which isn't all that big either!
  12. I'm less than 5' tall, answerbar, and the straps on my large/medium caviar classic flap are fine. Even when I carry it at the longer, single chain length, I don't think it's too long -- it's not like it's banging around my kneecaps! :smile:

    I think the appreciably smaller, small size is too dinky for everyday use. I never carry a lot in my handbags, but because of its style & construction, the large/medium doesn't have room to spare.
  13. ^^ Cocklecove you're too funny! :smile: Hehe.. I'm leaning towards the medium flap now!

    Thanks guys!!
  14. I honestly think you'll be ok with the medium. Wait, have you tried it on before? I couldnt figure it out from your post.

    Congrats though!!
  15. I belive Medium will be a prefect size for smaller ladies, and it is a bag that you can use not only at parties. Go for it!