Small Classic Flap Colors

  1. Hi everyone! many others on this board, I'm patiently waiting for Chanel to release another fantastically lipstick red classic flap (not the reissue). I'm a thin, petite girl, barely reaching 5ft in heels, so I gravitate towards smaller bags. I currently love my little black E/W flap, but was thinking I want my red classic flap (when she finally calls out to me from a store shelf, hopefully sooner rather than later) to be something other than an E/W. I've been under the assumption that I could get a small classic flap, that being the 9x5.5x2in bag. however, I was looking in the reference library and noticed that there are no colored small classic flaps! Everyone stocks up on the colored mediums, but the only colors I saw in the smalls were black and white (maybe a beige).

    So, my question the colored classic flaps get released in the small size (9x5.5x2)? Or is everyone else on this board just prefer the mediums and jumbos instead?
  2. ^ I saw an orange & red before. I believe colored flaps are usually seasonal.