Small Christmas Gift - Exchange?

  1. I bought a pocket square silk scarf for myself and a fragrance boxset for my husband.

    When I got home and inspected the scarf, I realised there are a few thread pulls. Is it normal to have these thread pulls on the scarf? If not, I will need to exchange for another one.

    The prices in Hong Kong are quite different from US. In HK,
    fragrance set costs HKD670 (=USD86.5 vs USD90)
    scarf costs HKD1200 (=USD155 vs USD110)

    The price difference on the scarf quite surprised me!
    IMG_4001.JPG IMG_4004.JPG IMG_4006.JPG IMG_4012.JPG
  2. One more picture on the thread pull. There are about 10 such pulls on the scarf....I was too lazy too inspect when I was in the store, or else I would have waited for another one.

    This is my first Hermes scarf, so I don't know if it's normal to have these pulls. To me, they are defects.
  3. Take back immediately! It's not normal to have such defects on a store fresh scarf!
  4. Hello,

    Thanks! I just called the store and they will check if they have another one. It's a bad experience for me buying my first Hermes scarf. There are more than 10 such pulls! I wonder why they can still put it in store for selling.
  5. I heard that the prices for luxury goods are much better in HK. I think because it's duty free and the import taxes must be less.
  6. Yes, most luxury goods in Hong Kong are cheaper (as compared to Singapore and Japan). However, the small scarf I just purchased is much more expensive (30% more!!!) than the list price of

    I doubt if the price on for this particular scarf is correct or not.
  7. I can't believe they sold you a scarf with 10+ pulls. That is unacceptable. The SA wrapping the scarf or the one putting the scarf in the display should have noticed it.
    :tdown::tdown: to this HK boutique.
  8. The price on IS correct. That's the price in the boutiques here as well.

    OMG I can't believe they sold a scarf with so many pulls and flaws in it! I would be so mad. :cursing: I do hope they can locate another one promptly for you.
  9. The US is now the best country to buy scarves in because of the weak dollar.
    The HK boutique probably has the Euro conversion rate, hence it is more expensive there than in the US. Buying in Paris or Europe i general right now is more expensive than in the US.
  10. so sorry abt yr scarf and hope u get a brand new one...:tup: so where is best price ot buy? ASIA?:confused1:
  11. diamond lover...first off, congratulations on your first scarf! I love the La Danse pochette...I have it in the green colorway and the red colorway. I almost bought the one you have as well - it is really beautiful!

    I know exactly what you are referring to with the pulls...I think all of my brand new store bought pochettes have at least one. I don't know exactly what they are, but can they be a defect if they are on all of my pochettes? I am more inclined to think that they are inherent in the design. I hope so, anyway ;)
  12. Get that scarf returned. My SA always checks the scarves before I purchase them. I'm so sorry that this was your first purchase. I hope the store has another because it is lovely minus the 10+ pulls. Do let us know.
  13. Well, one more lesson learned for me! I just started getting 'wrapped up' :p into the scarves and I never thought about looking over every square inch. How could someone sell that with all those pulls????:sad:
  14. :wtf: OMG seriously? I would stop buying them at that store, in that case. I have never had this happen, that I can recall and if it did I would defintely return the item for a fresh one that hasn't been pawed and clawed. It's definitely not from a defect in the design--how can a silk square be a flawed design, KWIM? It's from careless customers tearing up the merchandise and careless SAs/managers not paying attention to what they're selling.

    There is one store relatively near me where they routinely put back damaged items onto the floor--which is NOT what Hermes is known for doing. They're a franchise store, though, and they just do whatever they want, I guess.
  15. I have ordered from and over the phone from one other Hermes boutique, so they have come from three different locations. I am going to post some pics later....if you look at diamond's scarf, it is like a line from the hem down about an inch...its not really a pull, exactly.

    As far as the location where they have put damaged items back into stock...I bet I know exactly which store you are talking about. I really hate going there because almost the SAs can be so nasty. Americana in Manhasset?