Small Chloe Paddington Wallet Online?? Help!

  1. Hi all,
    I am looking for the small Chloe Paddington Wallet like this one:

    Does anyone know of any online stores where I can buy this from because theyre $700 over here and I know I can get them cheaper online if I can find one. I ordered one from Diabro and got confirmation it was being sent today only to have then email me half an hour later to say its damaged - while I appreciate the warning I am really disappointed as they have no more and I dont know where to find one. I dont trust Bluefly enough to buy from them after everything Ive read so Id prefer somewhere else (not eBay!)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I found one on eBay, lovely red brown compact wallet, seller is really lovely PM me if you would like the listing no. the price is $399!!:heart:
  3. I hope you and supaxceci aren't the same person coz that's against tPF rules!
  4. Thanks heaps guys, didnt want to go through ebay though. My hubby ended up just spending the extra cash so I didnt miss out. I always seem to have issues buying from online stores (well have lately anyways!) so we just got one in store and I love it!
    Thanks again :smile: