Small Chloe C Double Carry Bag - Motty Grey or Nut

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  1. Hi,
    Has anyone got the new small chlow C double carry bag in motty grey or the embossed croc nut colour? I'm choosing between the two. I'd like to use it in all seasons and I like both! The embossed croc looks more scratch resistant but possibly too light for Winter use? Anyway, any feedback on what people think of this bag (colour, type of leather, size) would be much appreciated!
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  2. I would vote for the nut.

    To me the bag itself looks very classic and the embossed croc is perfect for its style.
  3. Probably way too late, but I love the Motty Grey!

    Did you end up buying?
  4. I’m definitely going to get either nut or Motty grey. Still torn. The nut in moc croc is probably more hard wearing. The grey might go better as an all seasons bag and maybe more casual as less shiney...
  5. I agree with you, I think the grey is easier to wear year round. I am drawn to the mock croc but I just can't get myself to do it. Maybe during sale season. I have my eye on the emerald green mock croc Tess. :P
  6. So I went for the nut 20c colour! Just got it home do going to make sure it works with my clothes colours. It was hard deciding as the colour looks different on so many websites. The colour definitely works all seasons too. I think just as well as motty grey. Still really like the grey smooth leather version too. Only thing is I own only 1 other bag and that is similar in colour - Gucci mini marmont. On the plus it’s been very versatile with clothing colours! Anyway Chloe c is a gorgeous quality bag!!

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  7. I have the one in nut. It’s perfect for year round!
  8. I really like the color you chose, so neutral and pretty! I love mock croc, it's definitely hardwearing.