Small Chanel Rock & Chain Hold-All

  1. Here is a funny story... I was in Chanel on 57th street yesterday and did not see anything downstairs that I "needed." I have already purchased a mini brown Cambon Reporter and a black caviar PST this year. I was just in to look and enjoy. It is a fun store to ponder future purchases.

    Since Ihad some time to kill before class, I then went up the stairs to look at the shoes. Basically I can not buy much as need to have bunion surgery on both feet in June. Agah!!! Anyone have this????? I was just going to look and hopefully ponder something for the future but really do not know how my poor feet will feel in a few months.

    Anyhow as I arrived upstairs, a Chanel SA was standing with the small black Rock & Chain Hold-All on her wrist. It was the most adorable little purse I have seen in eons. Rather retro. A group of young women from another country wanted it in white and were deciding if they should get the black instead. On an impulse, I immediately said if they did not take it, I would take it. It was love at first sight. Alas, they did not take it. My heart was racing.

    Anyhow I hoped I could send it to my home in NJ and at least save on the tax. It seems I could not. The total came to something around $2150 as I was still going to be charged NJ's 6% tax.

    I just could not buy the poor purse. It was way over the top for me as it really is more of an evening purse or truly small daytime purse and with no option of wearing it over the shoulder as I like. The SA was wonderful and understood. She could not have been nicer and I returned my chargecard to my Goyard tote.

    I regretted not buying it but did not regret the angst I would have felt at buying something I did not need and that was not an everyday purse.

    Was I wrong? :crybaby: I found pix of her last nite. I love her. The Lovely Chanel SA said there were only 4 in the computer. However I did go to Bloomngdale's and the SA there said they would be in the store in about 1 to 2 weeks. I could save almost $200. I have time to regroup and not be so impulsive. Why are these purse so much $$$$$?????



    Here is a picture. It does not do it justice. I feel badly but just paid my taxes and have no extra money. Whoa is me....
  2. did you the right thing. It doesn't seem real practical for daytime/everyday use. Be strong!!!
  3. I completely understand. I love this bag - I saw it IRL- I think it is adorable. But my budget for Chanel is spent . . . and even though it is so cute for me it would be more of a date or evening bag and I probably wouldn't use it as much as my other choices . . . I did find the chain also a little uncomfortable. If I had the budget, it would be a no brainer . . . The real problem lies with Chanel lol - making too many must have bags!! :yahoo:
  4. I also think you did the right thing passing on the bag- it is just not practical for you. I know how you feel- you see something and instantly fall in love with it, but you know that it just will not work for you. I am sure you will find another Chanel you must have that is practical too.
  5. u did right....If u werent ready for it....U know it...
  6. I think you did the right thing also especially if it's not practical for you...

    There is a larger rock and chain exactly like the small one you saw. That one is meant to fit over the shoulder. It will cost even more however. These bags are so cute~ saw it at the trunk show a few months ago.
  7. Thanks girls. I will look for the larger one and pray one day I find them on sale......
  8. You def did the right thing!!..You knew you it wasn't a practical purchase as far as use vs $$ goes..Good for you!!!! If you bought it you might have experienced buyers remorse...No sense feeling guilty over a wrong purchase..Congrats to you!! I have friend who CAN"T say no and is in a HEAP of financial troubles...You don't want to be there..
  9. u did the right thing!
  10. You did the right thing! At least wait for the bigger one.