Small Chanel Earrings for my Daughter

  1. I bought a small pair of silver cc Chanel earrings at the Saks EGC event last week. I am saving them for my daughter's Sweet 16 on February 14.
    Sorry I can't post any pics because she is the one who takes and uploads pictures for me.
    I hope she likes them. Do any of you have any comments about the durability of Chanel jewelry? I know it is costume jewelry.
  2. I think they are pretty good in quality. I mean they are chanel, so I'm thinking they are made well.
  3. I think you may find more answers in the Chanel thread. Many PFrs have complained that the crystals often fall out.
  4. Ohhh, I love those earrings! Happy Bday to your daughter, so lucky to have a mom like you!
  5. awww, you're super mom! incredible. this just makes my heart melt hearing stories like this. she's so lucky to have you!! maybe you could suggest her to share some of those pictures of her new b-day earrings here!! we'd all love to see
  6. I love Chanel costume jewellry and am a big fan.

    You're a very great mom and sure the Chanel 's durability is worth for money.:tup:
  7. what a cute story! As for the quality of the earrings, I do not know about that...all I know is that I had the interlocking "C" necklace w/ the crystals and they fell out twice...I finally returned them for earrings that did not have crystals on them :smile: GL with the earrings, keep the reciept...if anything happens, they have a warranty and will replace them for you...hope she likes them! :smile:
  8. wow what a great Sweet 16 present. I am sure your daughter will love them.
  9. What a sweet present! I'm sure your daughter will adore them.
  10. How cute. She will absolutely LOVE them! I just purchased earrings w/ the CC and a danging camelia flower and 2 crystals already fell out and I'm extremely careful with all of my possessions. It isn't noticeable, but I know this is a recurring problem w/ the rhinestone Chanel jewelry. You can get them repaired, but I think it is quite expensive to do.

    For how much they cost, I am very disappointed that it happens, but they are just too cute so I find them hard to resist. lol

    Let us know what happens when you give them to her!!! I'm sure she will be ecstatic. :supacool:
  11. What a great present
  12. they are gorgeous earrings! i have a pair in large and they look stunning~ haven't had any problems with them so far~ so i guess of your daughter takes good care of them and don't wear them in the shower~ they should be ok!
  13. Really? :sad: I just bought the swarovski mini CC earrings I hope mine don't fall off too