Small Chanel Birthday Reveal!

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  1. Hi all! My birthday was this month, so I bought myself a small present! This was also my first real boutique purchase, everything else I've bought from Chanel was either from online or from a department store since there aren't any Chanel boutiques in my state (I took a day trip, lol).

    I have no patience for super long reveals so I'm just gonna put all the photos in one post!

    I was actually pleasantly surprised at the kind service I received at Chanel at Madison Avenue since I walked in wearing jeans + I look fairly young + my purchase was relatively inexpensive for Chanel. (When you compare my one pair of earrings that I bought to 4k bags, lol.) I do have another pair of Chanel earrings that have dangly false pearls but I really wanted a smaller pair of classic looking CC's, and am glad I found these. The photos don't do them justice at all because every time I try to take a close up the shine just all blurs together on my cell phone camera! :smile:

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  2. Beautiful!!!:woohoo:
  3. Congrats! They are beautiful:heart:
  4. So lovely! Congrats and happy birthday!
  5. Congrats, they look great! Happy belated birthday!! :party:
  6. Truly beautiful! Happy birthday!!

    And as an aside, I need to comment on your lovely hair!!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Great Choice! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  8. Lovely!! Happy birthday!!
  9. Really cute earrings! Happy birthday~
  10. Beautiful earrings! Happy birthday!
  11. Happy birthday and congrats on your beautiful earrings :smile:
  12. Congratulation & Happy birthday!!
    Yours is so pretty! hope to find same one. May I ask the item number code on tag and price if you don't mind me asking? TIA!! :smile:
  13. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day trip in NYC!
  14. Happy Birthday! & Grats ma'am :smile:
  15. nice and happy birthday!