small chanel bags

  1. hi everyone,

    i'm new to chanel but i've recently fallen in love with the baby cabas. i'm on the waiting list, and hopefully i can get one in august.

    as i was learning about chanel and looking at all your wonderful pictures, i started wanting a small chanel bag that i can use for a bit dressier events (weddings and nice dinners).

    i like the east-west (i think someone said it's also called the single flap) bag. would you guys recommend this bag or something else? i'm looking to purchase a black bag that will be timeless and still in style 20 years from now.

    what else would you recommend for a first chanel bag? i know i don't like the tote bags.

    thanks for all your help :yes:

    please post pictures if you can.
  2. Hi and welcome!

    :love: I'm in love with my black east/west lambskin. It is indeed a single flap with single chain and with the flaps of the timeless classic ligne you can be sure it will be still in style 20 or 30 years from now. Here are some pictures of me wearing it: