Small casual messenger bag

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  1. I'm in the market for a small messenger bag to use for travel, sightseeing, etc. I want it to be very casual and to go with any color (so something from LV with the vachetta leather would be perfect. I found a Gucci on their website that I like but it's a little too big. The LVs seem to be a little too small. It needs to be big enough for a small wallet, glasses and phone. Any suggestions where I can find one?
  2. well, it's very hard to find a good looking messenger bag....
    i found just a few:
    couldn't find anything really cute...
  3. seabreezestudio A5 size messenger bag rosehip.jpg
  4. studiostelle black bird satchel small.jpg BabyBugBoutique brown flower tapestry mini messenger.jpg
  5. I like the shape of the rosehip but not the flowers nor the color of the flowers. I want something that is neutral in color (like LV or the signature Gucci like the Gucci belt is made of).
  6. Piel Flap Over Handbag ebags.jpg
  7. Oh I like the Piel - thanks Passerby. Forgot about Ebags - I've bought from them b4.
  8. how about balenciaga first?
  9. Don't care for Balenciaga - too trendy for my tastes.
  10. I have the LV musette salsa. It's perfect for the items you want to hold in it - as long as you carry your glasses in a soft holding case, not a thick hard one. (The bag is quite flat). There's the larger musette too but I don't like it so much.
  11. I REALLY like the style of the LV Salsa, but I think it's a little too large.
  12. I'm really surprised you think the Salsa is large - I think it's quite small! Are you thinking of the regular Musette? That is twice the size of the Musette Salsa.
  13. Rasberry, you don't think the salsa is too big for a casual messenger day trip kind of bag. I don't really want it to look like a full fledged purse. Do you have a picture of you carrying one?
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