small Carlys on sale table at Nords

  1. not the large, sorry...
  2. I bought a demi carly in camel last night for $197, includes tax.
  3. the medium?? do you remember how much they were? Thanks!!
  4. I think it was just the smaller ones... Call your local Nords and see what they have on sale.
  5. Ugh, I paid full price plus an additional 13.00 to ship from my boutique for it two months ago.
  6. The top handle pouch is probably what momof4 is talking about. :confused1: Although, you could be talking about the demi as well.
  7. I went to two different Nordstroms yesterday and I never saw any small Carly's on sale. I only saw the patchwork. It would have been nice if they were since they would have also honored the additional 25% off.
  8. Spring patchwork or the patchwork Carlys that were dept. store only items?
  9. ^spring patchwork.