Small Cambon Tote

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one small Cambon tote available in black with white logo. It is currently retailing for $1350.
  2. Cute!!
  3. WOAH! The price on the cambon small tote increased??!! how long has it been 1350? when cambon was first released, i remember the small tote was only 995 and then it increased to 1150 and now 1350? :shocked:
  4. It increased on Feb 1.
  5. ^ ohh cambon was included?! i never knew that!
  6. Yes, almost all sizes of the Cambon increased.
  7. Oh the Chanel at Saks in Mazza has this bag available too - I do indeed have my eye on it!
  8. i didn't know that was included in the increase either!
  9. another small tote is available today, as well
  10. It is really cute, but i prefer chanel tote petite model pink, funtote or marimekko.