Small Cambon tote??

  1. Can you all help me out, please? I'm going to Hawaii in a couple weeks & am looking for a tote to bring along for camera, wallet, water, etc. I found a small Cambon tote on ebay (from a trusted seller!) & cannot make up my mind. It says it is 7"x8"x4.5". I'm not too good w/ measurements (wish i could see it IRL) but that sounds pretty darn small to me. Anyone have one, seen one...what do you think?
  2. the smallest cambon tote is pretty small, reason why i didnt get it and some others have it on here
  3. small is really small, medium is actually too small for me personally.
  4. Thanks Swanky & missbabydolce! I did let the auction go. I actually took a piece of paper & scaled it to the size of the bag & WOW, that is a small bag! hehe
  5. Here are some picture of me with my small tote if this helps! It is small but it carrys my wallet, camera, keys, makeup bag, ipod, & agenda!
    2913.jpg 2915.jpg 2917.jpg
  6. small is really tiny - its not good for everyday carry in hawaii~ you should look the the medium (sometimes known as small but most resellers use the terms - small / medium / large whereas Chanel boutique call the small something else and med=small, large=med~~~ I think!