Small Cabas vs. Modern Chain Tote

  1. What do you think between the two bags, since they are so similar?
  2. i'd go for baby cabas!:heart: it:smile:
  3. I have two Modern Chain totes and love both. I haven't seen the baby cabas in real life yet. I think you can't go wrong with either bag.
  4. ^^I say get both...I actually don't think that they are that similar!
  5. Having only seen both in pictures, I like the baby cabas more. I love that large Chanel charm on it!
  6. I like them both but if I had to choose it would be the Cabas for me.
  7. I've only seen pics of these 2 bags - but i like totally like the baby cabas... esp. in white! SO HOT!
  8. i am also debating now which to get !! i def want black but which one? i want a large managable bag
  9. The chain on the MC tote adds weight. Something to think about if you stuff your purse the way I do.
  10. Modern chain! I was looking at one in the Soho Chanel the other day and it was gorgeous.
  11. Yeah, but the weight is evenly distributed so it is actually easier to carry than other smaller bags.
  12. my colleague has the small cabas and i have the modern chain tote-

    there is a definite difference, the cabas seems more stylish and fun as oppoped to my MC which seems like it maybe less "trendy". they are both gorgeous bags. the MC is much heavier and the leather feels maybe "thicker"...

    i intially went to purchase the cabas until i saw my MC...

  13. Tried both last week at NM...the Modern Chain for me!
  14. If you can ONLY choose one, I vote for the cabas.
  15. I have the mc tote, so may be biased, but it is gorgeous.