Small Cabas Phantom

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  1. Is there a lot of difference between the two sizes?
  2. Just an inch on each side! Some people say they find the Medium too deep, but I actually prefer the deepness on a Cabas bag!
  3. Oh okay! I‘ve never seen them in person but if it‘s just an inch I guess it doesn‘t matter too much which one I go for
  4. I'm planning on a Cabas Phantom (small or medium, I'm not sure) in perhaps a taupe, from Harrods this weekend. I tried one on a while back and loved the lightweight and the suppleness of the leather. It is indeed a good working bag. Does anyone know if the branding will be renewed yet? I'm hoping for a no!
  5. I just saw your question-oops! I had the big garden party (36) with canvas, then upgraded to full leather. After awhile, I realized I didn't like totes if they aren't shoulder carry. I had the small garden party (30) and the Picotin Lock 18 and the same thing-don't like hand carry bags. Finally, I had the Evelyne III medium size in Gold. I carried that bag two or three years, but sold it b/c it started to feel uncomfortable on my shoulder. I wasn't reaching for it.

    Of all of them I miss my Picotin. It was so stinking cute! It was a shade of pink, Jaipur I think, that was super appealing to me. It was a cute date night bag in summer, but I wasn't getting cost per wear for it.

    I don't dislike Hermes, but it ended up not working out for me.
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  6. could anyone model a medium cabas phantom? i'm considering of getting a preloved.....
  7. 067FA753-03AC-4D34-9134-06644673ECB1.jpeg 77280F9B-2CC3-4867-A88C-C8CAC229E9E7.jpeg
  8. Can anyone comment on the strap drop on the small and medium cabas phantom? I've been looking for a tote and considering the cabas phantom, but the strap drop does not look particularly long. I will go and try on in person, but I'm wondering ahead of time, just so I'm not disappointed if it's very short :smile: Thanks!