Small Cabas Phantom

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  1. Hi!
    I saw this bag while out to purchase the Saint Laurent Shopping Tote in black, which I did purchase a few months ago. The Cabas has stuck in my head ever since and I'd like to purchase, but it would be my 5th tote. Three are LV (2 mono and one Damier Azur) , and the black YSL. I am thinking the Taupe to have variety in color. I have the Nano in Souris, so I do appreciate a non-black bag.

    Anyone have it and can offer pros or cons? It seems like a gorgeous bag that would be functional for me. Thinking of purchasing this week, but I must admit that I might be going overboard on the totes!

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  2. I have the Cabas Phantom in both Small and Medium size. I honestly have no cons to say about the bag!
  3. I have the small in kohl and indigo and they’re great bags. Durable, beautiful leather and very stylish. I like the fact that it looks good whether I’m carrying little to nothing or tons of things. As for going overboard if that’s a style of bag that suits you why not
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  4. Beauty of a bag.
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  5. I went to the boutique and looked at three in the taupe. The first looked a little tired, so I asked if there was another one. The lovely SA brought me two more, one which had come in that morning. At the last minute, I asked to see a black one. It was instant love, so that's what I went with. It's a gorgeous bag and the leather is wonderful. I'm so happy with this purchase!

    For the first time in very long time (maybe never before?) I am not thinking of my next purchase. I have the Nano Luggage and the Cabas Phantom from Celine, a few basic LV bags that I use and enjoy, and two Saint Laurent bags. I have happily sold all my Chanel, except my WOC, and sold all my Hermes.

    I don't even know what do to with myself! lol! I'm not sure I've ever felt truly content with my bags and SLG's before.
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  6. Nice choice!

    I have the same bag in the exact same colour as in your photo. I would describe it as an extremely classy workhorse bag. It holds a lot, is easy to access and can be cinched if you want it to be smaller. I love that there are no logos or obvious indications that this is a designer bag.

    There are no cons with this bag. My only regret is not having it in black!
  7. Thank you for your reply! I wasn't going to purchase the black because I bought the YSL Shopping tote in black just a few months ago. But, my heart cried out for the black Cabas, so I bought it! The taupe is truly gorgeous, but I think the black has the chic edge to it.
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  8. I've also been eyeing the black one ...congratulations on your new beauty :smile:
    For others on the thread who have had theirs for a while - where are you seeing the most wear and tear and how long have you have yours? How are the corners and straps holding up? I'm planning to use it for an every day work bag including a MacBookPro... thank you!
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  9. Congratulations on your black Phantom Cabas! We’re bag sisters, I have a small black Phantom Cabas. Congratulations even more on reaching the bag content place!

    I have had mine for two years, 50 wears. No visible wear and tear, the corners and straps are intact. It’s a beautiful bag with amazing leather, fits what I carry and fits my lifestyle. I rotate it with other bags in my wardrobe, so it does get rested. I don’t carry a laptop in it, so I can’t comment on that point. Good luck with your research Tote Ali.
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  10. Thanks as always More Bags :smile: may we all reach that bag contentment place one day hehe
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  11. It's a strange feeling! I'm a little lost. :hrmm:
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  12. That bag is wonderful!!! This is what I learned about me: the bags for me are WOCs, camera bags/crossbody bags in general and totes ... lots of it. I have the blue small cabas and I simply adore the simplicity of that bag. So chic and classic. The leather is phenomenal! I also bought the YSL two years ago. I wish I had paid attention to Celine back then. I wouldn’t have bought the YSL and instead put the money torwards another Cabas. The YSL leather compared to Celine’s feels like a prototype, honestly. I will look for another Celine bag soon. Very impressed with their quality. It is funny I started with YSL, Gucci, and now I am leaning towards Celine, Mulberry, Givenchy Antigona and chanel. This forum has forever changed my life lol
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  13. I am seriously praying for that day to come .... and I do wonder ... will it ever come??!! I am at a bag ban for one year. I put myself on time out. I am confident i will abide. But there is a catch. I already have a wish list between jewelry and 1 bag only for when it’s over :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  14. Hi KimTX,
    Curious why you had sold your Hermes bags (and which styles were they?)
    I've been considering the phantom cabas for a long time now but can't seem to pull the trigger due to it not being lined (the fuzzy lint rubbing off my items inside would annoy me to no end) and potentially the handles not being sturdy enough to hold some weight?
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  15. Hello can anyone compare the small and medium cabas to the neverfull mm? I’m debating which size to get but can not see it in person. The neverfull mm is a good size on me and am wondering if the small is similar in size. A lot of totes are compared to the NF but I can not find info on the Celine vs NF. Thanks