Small but still fabulous collection ^_^

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  1. Hmm I posted a thread of my collection..hope this works the second time around..
    I'm lovin' everyone's collection here!
    My fave is still the LV MC Alma purchased by my fiance while vacationing in Paris (sounds great doesnt it? I also purchased a Gucci sling for my mom while in Italy :amuse: all I need is to purchase a Burberry in London :biggrin: )

    Soon to join the family Blue Nuit Chloe paddington :nuts:

  2. The threads are moderated, I just got around to approve yours! ;)
  3. Very nice collection! ;) Love the MC clutch! :love:
  4. Great collection. I love your Burberry bags! I also have the same Gucci cosmetic case but in blue. :;):
  5. great collection!
    I love the belt bag, it's lying somewhere 'round here to.;)
  6. AHH i have that blue optic coach bag! i have never "met" someone else with it. would you perhaps know what its "official" name is? i got it before i was REALLY into purses and i have no idea...

    i also love your mc shirley
  7. I love your CB Papillon! Nice collection! :biggrin:
  8. lovely collection!
    especially the papillon!
  9. You have a very nice collection! Love the Alma! Thanks for posting pics.
  10. Lovely collection - the multicolor monogram bags have grown on me over the years; now when I see them I think wow I wish I had one.

    I really like yours and I love the matching wallet.

    can't wait to see pics of your new blue paddy - I have only seen catalog pics of that one - please post when you get it.
  11. You have some classic pieces in your collection. Love the Burberry! :love:
  12. Love it, especially the Gucci waist pack, only Gucci could make those chic!
  13. Love your bags, especially the shirley and the CB papillion !
  14. I love your LV MC Alma bag. That is one of my favorits of the LV collection.
    You have very nasty (nasty~cool) bags... :smile:

  15. oh i too love your mc shirley - I so want one of those ;)