Small but perfectly formed......

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  1. here is my recently completed (for now) collection... enjoy

    group.jpg Chocolate Twiggy.jpg Luella East West Giselle.jpg BV Hobo.jpg Chocolate Paddy.jpg Rouge Vif First.jpg Burberry.jpg Cognac Spy.jpg
  2. yummy Bottega!
  3. ^I agree! Great collection!
  4. yeah small but definitely wonderful collection.. i don't think it is a small collection just coz u got some really great bags... all wonderful..
  5. All are beautiful!
  6. FABULOUS collection!!! LOVE your BV!!!
  7. Very nice!
  8. Ooooh I love your BV bag, and of course - the spy is gorgeous !
  9. love the lighting and the paddington is to die for!!
  10. Great collection! I love your BV, Bbag, and Spy.
  11. A perfect collection...they are all beautiful!!
  12. :yes: I think they all are gorgeous and wonderful :tender:
    :heart: Really love your balenciaga :heart:
  13. Lovely bags, congrats
  14. All that leather looks so yummy!!! Thanks for posting!
  15. Wow, wow, I love your collection! That Bottega, B-Bag, and that spy are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! The red Bottega is just simply stunning! :yahoo: