Small but oh so cute!

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  1. The Las Vegas store came through!
    I don't know what it is about these pompoms but they make me smile!:flowers:

  2. Bigger picture!
  3. Kelly Kelly, they are cute. :smile:
  4. I have the same color combo. They bring a smile to the face everytime I use them...
  5. That's what people are referring to when they say they have "warm fuzzies."
  6. so adorable!
  7. soooo cute!!!
  8. "warm fuzzies" .... perfect!! :p
  9. I love those... which other colorways do they come in?
  10. Very sweet!
  11. Love those colors!! They are reallly adorable...Congratulations!
  12. Oh, they are so cute.
    These magical pompoms will make you happy everytime you use them!
  13. So cute :smile: congratulations.. you are enabling me.
  14. I know they come in a brown, beige and white combo because I got those for my mother for Christmas, I think they also come in red and white, and a navy combo.
    Does anyone else know of any other colors?
  15. Cute!