Small but I love

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  2. Awesome collection!
  3. Oooh, I like the white Coach noe, it's gorgeous!
  4. Nice collection ... love:love: the roxanne! I've always wanted one in red.
  5. VERY NICE collection!!!:love:
  6. I had to really do some searching for it. :love: totally worth it.
  7. my hubby picked that one out, i love it:love:
  8. very nice collection!
  9. u have a good collection to start.. more bags for u in the future..
  10. Eek, I know you already got a fake speedy, but you should get your denim pleaty checked out because it looks fake too! You just have the worst luck, huh? :cry: Awesome collection, minus the fakies.
  11. really nice collection.
  12. nice collection! love the red mulberry!
  13. Nice LV bag!
  14. looove ur roxanne...what a coloure :smile:
    i want
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.