Small but great Chanel collection pix

  1. :yahoo: Ladies I finally figured out how to post a picture!!! Here is my growing collection:

    • Brown/brown patent Cambon Reporter
    •*Black caviar with gold hardware PST
    •*Black patent vintage shoulderbag with wonderful tassel
    • Black/black patent ballerinas size 6

    I think I need another purse but have not found one in the stores that is as amazing as these!!!

  2. Very nice pieces -- and I notice all black. I'm smiling because I am constantly fighting the urge to choose black. (Black usually wins, too.) Thanks so much for sharing. I love looking at pics of Chanel.
  3. Beautiful!
    That is what my Chanel collection looks like -All Black:nuts: I have those same ballets too - love them!!
  4. Oh wait, I just realized you reporter is brown :p
    still Beautiful!
  5. Beautiful collection :smile:
  6. lovely collection!
  7. LOVE them :drool:

  8. It's fantastic, thanks for sharing! I love that little patent one!
  9. I love black too... and I love your collection! :yes:
  10. Lovely collection!
  11. A very well editted collection!
  12. :heart: it! :yes:
  13. Very nice collection!:love:
  14. Lovely collection- your shoes are gorgeous!
  15. I :heart: Your Collection!!!!!