Small Business Owners

  1. What type of business do you have, and what did you find to me the most effective route for marketing your business :?:
  2. My husband has a small mom and pop type surf/skate/guitar repair shop. Word of mouth by locals, flyers on the beach and at local gigs, warm laid back atmosphere, and quality craftmanship, product and service work for us.
    I'm trying to get him add a coffee shop in the mix.
  3. My husband owns his own small business. He's in the medical business, selling MRIs and other various machines like breast biopsy machines, etc.

    As for marketing, he goes to a lot of medical conventions. He (, lol) puts his stamp on every piece of paper that will be given out during the convention. His website and company name have been featured in some medical journals. Other than that, it's really word of mouth.
  4. i think businesses are tending to go online now - for a really low price, he can put his business online and do some online marketing.
  5. I have had several businesses over the years, including a small retail shop, a dog grooming salon and a pet sitting business.

    I was also part owner of a restaurant, but was never involved in day to day operations.

    The type of advertising that works best really depends upon the type of business that you have and what your target demographic is.

    What are you thinking about doing?
  6. Robyn~
    I recently created an online boutique and am looking for advertising ideas besides ads and flyers
  7. Thanks for all the responses! I keep hearing word of mouth is the best.
  8. I spent my middle school summers stamping and stuffing envelopes with business descriptions/business cards for my Dad once he transitioned his business into a different market. He sent these info packets to every relevant area, up and down the East Coast. That is the only form of advertising he has ever done, period. Ten years later, his business is huge and extremely successful. And we credit it solely to word-of-mouth, because that is honestly how 80% of people tell my Dad they found his company. No web sites, phone book ads, nothing. But his business is one that is very much a niche that had never really been filled, so that could easily be part of it.
  9. Neeva~ Thanks for your response, good for your dad! And it must make you feel great that you helped jump start his business :smile:
  10. I have an online store. You need to focus your advertising on blogs and other online magazines. Email blogs with ideas to feature your product (the best and its free). I would suggest that you make your prices a different color (its hard to see the black against the blue).
  11. I keep my business/contact cards on me AT ALL TIMES. If someone needs my name or phone number, I hand them a card, regardless of what I was discussing with them. I have also distributed flyers locally. I've networked with other entrepreneurs at small business functions in the community. I tell my family and friends to tell their friends and family. I've also done link and banner exchanges. Get your name and your service out there. Beat people over the head with it if you must. You have to reach hundreds of people before you can get one customer.
  12. I own a small design firm, specializing in custom stationery and invitations.

    Most of my advertising is word of mouth, a lot of it on local wedding forums and the knot as well as just word of mouth referrals.

    A couple printshops that I use took a few business cards and when they get people who don't want "out of the book" invitations, those people call or email me.
  13. Thank you all for the info!
    Keep it comin'...
  14. Caxe~ Whenever I see your avatar it makes me giggle :lol:

  15. Really! Free? if I email a few online magazines with a press release or something of that sort they may feature my store for free???