Small Bumps on Cheeks/Forehead

  1. I've had very mild acne pretty much my whole life. Break out here and there but overall pretty much clear. I use a 3-step gentle regimen plus moisturzer which works for me, I do everything right. I drink water, eat healthy, exercise, use sunscreen the whole bit. I take really good care of my skin in general. Well I noticed back in the summer I started to get these flesh colored tiny bumps on my cheeks and my forehead. You cannot even see them, and theres really nothing there to pop, But I sure can FEEL them and see them only if im in a certain light and angle! They drive me CRAZY!! Does anyone else have this problem? All my makeup and products I use are gentle, fragrance free and I never had any problems with this! I don't even wear makeup most of the time. I guess my next step is going to see the derm, but I dont want to because I dont want to be on any pills or cremes. I can barely keep up with my washing my face 2 times a day. Anyone have any advice or have these small bumps? TIA :yes:
  2. I had these tiny bumps on my skin but it was an reaction to a new product I began using. Perhaps it might be the same thing?
  3. sounds like clogged pores. the oil gets trapped under the skin and create a little bump. your skincare regimen maybe either too dry or too oily. if it's too dry, your skin is overcompensating by creating too much oil, and a dry surface tightens the pores preventing it from getting out. if it's too oily, it's clogging up the pores.

    i recommend you try some non-harsh, alcohol-free, cleanser/toners with oil-free lotion.
  4. ive had these a couple times on forehead(totally invisible but could feel them) and i used neutrogena's rapid clear treatment pads.
  5. I had these back in 8th-9th grade, and I went to the dermatologist. Basically she said that it was some of the hardest acne to get rid of, since it's sort of under the skin. I ended up getting a prescription for Tazorac, which is incredibly harsh but in a week they'll be gone. Seriously, go to the derm. I have so much more self-confidence now because they're gone.
  6. is it acne scars? i've seen some adults w/ acne scars and they look kinda bumpy.
  7. used to have them too...
    Pro Active worked for me, its what I use to clean and condition my face now.
  8. I get a glyco peel when I get m facials and that takes care of them for me. Sounds like little pores that have some oil stuck in them. So frustrating, I know!
  9. I had a problem with this some years ago. Raised bumps on my forehead. Turns out it was a reaction to a certain hair serum I was using. If you are using a hair serum, you may want to consider changing brands and see if it helps.;)
  10. I used to have these bumps too during high school. After I stopped using cleansers and started washing my face with just water, they went away! But I still continue to exfoliate.
  11. I used to get them under my eyes - if they are the same bumps - it\'s oil and dirt trapped between layers of the skin - not fully in the pores so a full pimple never develops. You\'ll need a derm or other skin professional to extract them or prescribe something to extract them for you.
  12. D girl, do you blush easily and does your face turn really red after exercise? If so you might have a mild form of rosacea. I've always had naturally pink cheeks, blush easily, turn tomato red after exercise, and I get tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks when I get too much sun exposure. It especially happens in the summer when it's hot. Exfoliating and washing your face with harsher chemicals doesn't make it go away. I started using Aveeno's calming face wash and lotions for sensitive skin, and the redness has decreased and the bumps went away quickly.
  13. aspirin mask! I posted a thread here about it.
  14. Oh, wow, great thread! I've had similar bumps for a while - they're so annoying. Going to make an appointment for a glyco peel first thing tomorrow.