small brooke- get it now, or wait?

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  1. I have the option of buying an eggplant small brooke right now, but I m not sure if I should rather wait for new colors or not? I love purple, not so much gold hardware, but I think I can overlook gold hw for the yummy purple leather... Or should I wait for the new colors? But I m not into "springy" looking light colored bags... And what if the new brookes will have gold hw anyways? (Does anybody have info about the new leather ones btw?) What should I do? I found a non-pebbled one, and its harder to come by- but I can't decide... Love the style tho- I have it in black already...
  2. I have the mahogany Brooke and LOVE it. I wasn't crazy about it having the brass hardware at first but I think it looks great. I don't think eggplant was available at the time I purchased, but it would have been my first pick. Purple is yummy and I think would look fine with the brass.
  3. Personally, I would wait. Especially if you are asking. I usually buy a bag that goes with what I wear often.Thats why I got my spotlight in the Black Patent....But in the end, if you Really want the bag, get it....Good Luck;)
  4. I'd buy it! But leave the tags on it and return it if you end up liking the new colors better!
  5. I have to say this is what I tend to do at times too!! ;)
  6. Joining this camp, too!
  7. I would buy it. I think that the eggplant color is so pretty! In fact, I just tracked down the exact bag for 50% off at a Macy's and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I bought it for my mom and I really hope that she likes it. She's not in to "springy" colors either. And she'll definitely wear it year round. For what I understand, the leather is different on the new Brookes. I haven't seen them so I can't say but I know that some people prefer the older leather.

    If you don't mind me asking, where are you getting your bag from?
  8. Not sure if you found the bag at the outlet, but if you're considering a FP purchase - I suggest waiting another week. I read that Brookes are heading to the outlets, my guess is it's because Coach is changing the leathers along with the colors.
  9. I m getting her on ebay- that's why I'm asking. I m picky about leather texture and found one that I d love, my outlet dosent have any that's why ;)
  10. If you're questioning it, maybe wait. If you really want it, then go for it while the price is right.
  11. I have the larger Brooke in the plum 14141. I'd go for it. Just for reference it was about - $250 at the outlet
  12. Now you are looking for a small brooke, before that a poppy book tote. What happened to the "indirect ban" ?
  13. ^^ that starts after my pce in march :smile: untill then I still have funds available to fulfill my needs. still looking for the booktote, but not for the prices that i've seen on ebay recently! hoping to see it at my outlet- untill then i keep dreaming about it!