Small boy chain length question


Aug 21, 2015
Hi, I have a question. I am not very familiar with Le Boy. I am thinking of purchasing one in the exact same size as the one in this pic. But one thing that bothers me is that when worn crossbody, the bag falls just at or slightly above the waist. I was hoping that the chain strap would be long enough that the bag would fall just below the waist. Do they have this size Le Boy with longer chain straps?


Crazy Handbag Lady
Sep 29, 2011
there are tons of youtube videos comparing small vs old medium, you should check them out!! the strap drop is the SAME length between small and old medium. chiara is wearing the small boy and it falls high on her bc she's 5'10"!!! if you're shorter than that, then wearing it crossbody should not be a problem and it won't be that high. :smile:
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