Small Box Bag Help Please....

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  1. I've been wanting a classic box for some time and feel at my smaller size the small box bag would be best for my frame....Am I making a mistake? Is the small too small? Opinions appreciated and would love mod shots of the small box as well :smile: Thanks!
  2. My mother is super tiny and petite and has both the Medium and Small size in the Classic Box. She prefers the Medium size. The Small is cute and nice for events or parties, but I think the Medium is the perfect size - you'll also get more wear out of the Medium. Hope that helps!
  3. Small is super cute but it doesn't fir much
  4. I just bought the small box and absolutely love it! I am a small bag gal, don't carry much. It is the perfect size for my needs and suits my frame (160cm, 56kg), especially cross body. The medium was too big on me.
    I did a reveal thread recently with pics if you want to check it out for reference. Thread called "reveal of my dream box".
  5. Thanks so much for letting me know as I'd commented on your post before you posted the mod shot so I never saw it....I have a large collection of handbags so I can use larger bags when I need them and agree the medium seems too large for me too. So glad it can be worn cross body too. I'm gonna have one made to order so I just wanna be absolutely sure so I don't regret it :smile:
  6. thanks for checking out my reveal. I cannot wait to see your made to order box! Please post pics!!! How long will it take for made to order?
  7. They say up to 3 months so I'm gonna have to keep my excitement in check and be patient :smile:
  8. you'll love it and its great for the people who have petite frames. it fits all of my essentials and has a bit of space for other small items too. i can't wait to see your reveal!
  9. Love the reveal of your new small box!!!
  10. Hi stylevialauren, the small box works better for my frame, too, although the medium still works fine. (I'm 5'-5" and 120 lbs.)

    Do you mind me asking how much the made-to-order small box costs? Thank you!
  11. The MTO box bags are the same price as the ones sold in store, $2950 for small & $3900 for the medium.

    Since I started the thread I've found out Celine will be making box bags with silver hardware for Fall so I'm gonna wait and get one with the silver hardware like I've always wanted :smile:
  12. Awesome - thanks!
  13. Omg serious???? I have been wanting a box for years and after I finally get one, they bring out silver hardware??? Sigh
  14. I know right! That almost happened to me too...I'm so glad I found out in the nick of time before I placed my MTO box and settled for gold!
  15. Does anyone happen to know or has anyone tried to fit an iphone 6 plus in the small box bag?