Small boutiques wouldn't sell fakes, would they?

  1. I was looking all over for my Jimmy Choo Riki bag and finally got one ordered from a Jimmy Choo boutique in Houston.

    Well, today I look in the window of a small boutique in my neighborhood and I see what looks just like my bag on display! I'm so peeved that it might have been right there all along where I could buy it in person but I had to go through a ton of trouble to order it.

    My question is, is it a sure thing that a little boutique would have authentic things? They sell Choo shoes I believe and Chloe also and other designers and it all seems on the up and up, but the lady at Saks told me she didn't think they sold Jimmy Choo anywhere else in the city.

    The boutique was closed so I couldn't go in for a closer look, but it looked like there were a lot of nice bags inside. The place is called Victoria's if anyone is familiar with it.
  2. Is there a way that you can find out if they are an authorized dealer? If they aren't, IMO, it's always a chance...
  3. I don't know how I'd find that out but I found some citysearch review about them. They have been there for years.
  4. I've seen LOTS of boutiques sell fakes! But I don't know about the one you're talking about. Iv'e seen one here that is EXACTLY like a Fendi Spy, but when you open it.... :push: It's a very popular boutique too! Ask the SA's that work there, you can always take it to have it authenticated!
  5. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, yes they would!!! Lots of them here in Naples.
  6. there always the chance...
  7. Zophie, I think you are much better off having ordered your bag from a Jimmy Choo boutique. You have 100% certainty and peace of mind that yours is authentic! I always buy direct from the designer boutique whenever possible, or Saks or NM as a second resort.

    I would be really surprised if that "Victorias" place sells real JC bags. I have not heard of JC being sold anywhere besides JC boutiques, or major dept. stores like Saks or NM.
  8. so many boutiques sell fakes. there is one in a mall near me that even sells fake chanel costume jewerly and it makes me so angry. i told one of the securtiy guards that they were selling fakes and he said something to the nature of 'oh well if its cheaper more people can enjoy it'

    makes me angry! you made the right choice by ordering yours directly from Jimmy Choo
  9. Agree with the others' wise words. Unless the boutique is a very well-known retailer of certain designers (in the UK I am thinking of places like Matches, Browns etc) then I would put my peace of mind over convenience and go straight to the authorised source always. Hope you love your bag when it arrives!
  10. In Italy there are a lot of boutiques selling the real thing and they're not the designer boutique, they're just authorized dealers. Maybe you could call JC 800 number and ask them if "Victoria" is a dealer.
  11. I know that in NY, small boutiques do sell fakes so beware. If there is a particular bag you're interested in, in your case the JC, call the actual store and ask if they distribute to them. If not, I would say they're fake. Or you can ask the boutique how they obtain those bags. Are they brand new? How much do they go for?
  12. Small boutiques are VERY likely to sell fakes. Even if a small boutique has a bag that is not a fake, they probably did not get the bag through authorized channels because the premium designers do not sell just one or two bags to small boutiques but have a very qualified ans structured distribution chain.

    I would go with the bag that you ordered.
  13. When they are open, go in and see what other merchandise they are selling? There are definitely several small/medium size stores that sell only high-end designers (e.g. Chloe, Valentino, Manolo) in my area that would not carry knock-offs. Just because it is not the official designer store or a department store doesn't mean they don't have authentic goods. If you look at the full spectrum of what they are carrying you can make a better judgement.
  14. I'm going to go in and check it out when I get a chance. I know that the place has been there a while and from what I understand is a pretty high-end store. My mom calls it the store with "all those overpriced shoes" and won't even go in there.

    This is the citysearch article I found. Sounds like the real deal to me but I'm just so paranoid about things.
  15. I know that in NYC small boutiques like Scoop sell JC bags, definitely real. Worth checking out with JC to see if they are legit. I like buying from small local boutiques if I can.