SMALL Boston Bag

  1. hey, do you any of you ladies own the small boston bag?

    i was thinking of getting it, but does it look too much like an apple? the medium looks too big for carrying everyday.

  2. I only have a medium one but I love the style! I don't think it looks like an apple. I think it looks cute (but then again I'm biased because I love mine so much).
  3. the bag i found out is called the small Treasure bag. i called bergdorf and Saks and both stores didn't have it. so i contacted gucci on 5th ave. and found it there. it's a cute bag.

    but are the treasure bags (i've seen a couple in the regular canvas & leather on ebay) POPULAR?
  4. i love it but it's smaller than i thought...
  5. Actually, I think it looks a little like a little old lady's bag. It is definately not a sexy bag in my humble opinion. I looked at it and felt it a few weeks ago and I must admit, it did not appeal to me at all.
  6. Really?! Like a little old lady?

    I went to the boutique and bought it, b/c i loved the sophisticatedness of it. I like the open space when I open the bag. it's big enough to hold a good size wallet, a makeup bag, a small notebook, and other gidgets & gadgets. it kind of reminds me of a more structured LV speedy but less casual. i'll take a look again at it tonight to see if i DO indeed look old when i'm holding it! :smile:
    I guess to each her own.
  7. I owned it and loved it. Definitely not an old lady bag. Although it's not too big, because it's structured, it holds a lot, and the open top makes it very easy to find things in your bag. And the feet on the bottom let you set it down on "questionable" surfaces.
  8. greendrv, that's exactly why i liked this bag, the open space, which i need with the kids when i need to get something quickly, and the feet which means i can put the bag down and not worry so much. i read an article recently about the amount of bacteria that our bags carry is sometimes worse than a toilet seat due to wear we place our bags. how gross!