Small boobs and strapless dresses

  1. Thank god the forum is back up..

    help needed!

    I have pretty small boobs - I just finished breastfeeding my 7month old DD and now my boobs have shrunk sooo much, smaller than what it was before I fell pregnant (it wasn't big to begin with but now it's even smaller!!)

    Im looking for a dress for my xmas party at work and I had this Vera Wang dress in mind

    question is with such small boobs, can i pull it off?? is it going to fall off? im worried that because i don't fill out, it'll look shapeless...

    what does everyone thing?? any tips for pulling a strapless dress off with small boobs??

  2. that dress is gorgeous!!!
    i think you can pull it off
    just add some accessories (not too much though because it'll look too tacky then...) like maybe a really nice necklace and some earrings??
  3. Beautiful dress.

    I think you'll be ok with the boning. I think it's the most important thing in order to keep the dress up.

    I'm pretty small up top too, and my wedding dress never slipped off mainly b/c of the boning in it.

    Good luck!
  4. i think it's ok with small boobs.. since it's color black.. but if you want to pull up your boobs.. try to have a wonder bra or under wired bra strapless.. to give shape..
  5. I bought a sticky gel bra-just stick it on and go! I wear it with my tank tops so I don't have a strap showing. You could maybe try a wrap/cross over style dress-it really seems to give shape to a smaller chest-I know I've had 2 kids!
  6. I have small boobies and think strapless dresses are the BEST to wear! My tip is to wear a bra that's 2 cup sizes bigger than you (for shape). Trust me, no one can tell!
  7. Another post-nursing-small-chested member here! I always worry that the chest area of a strapless dress will be too "baggy" without much to put in it. So I usually wear a heavily padded and molded strapless bra (Felina makes a good one, so does Wonderbra) and it works great! I think the dress in your link wouldn't need a special low-back bra, just a normal strapless would work.
  8. i think the best kind of dress that small chested girls look good in is strapless!
  9. I used to be very, very flat chested until I gained weight. I used to have almost all dresses tailored and I always wore padded bras. I liked Miracle Bras (sometimes I'd even sew extra padding into the bra). Also, if you're worried about the dress falling down, pretty much any tailor can make a strapless dress into a spaghetti strap dress...
  10. My roommate uses a NuBra. We call it her "stickie chicken cutlets". They work really well. I just ordered one to wear under a dress that I can't seem to find another "real" bra to work with. Good luck the dress is beautiful.
  11. These really do work well, I wore one under my wedding dress (although it was halter, not strapless) and they help define without looking ridiculous.

    The dress is gorgeous and I definitely think you can pull it off with the right bra!
  12. Thanks everyone for your input - I really do want to get this and you've all helped me with my decision! I guess my main concern is that it's going to fall down! hehehe... bit embarrassing at my work xmas party.

    Also, with all that artificial padding, is it going to be noticeable that I don't really fill out? I hear such conflicting stories about strapless dresses...
    the other problem is that I'm in Sydney so I do'nt want to pay for all that PLUS the ridiculous shipping fees onlyl for it not to fit properly!
  13. hi jensta

    It won't fall down; as the others have said, the boning will make that almost impossible - you'll see when you get it, you practically have to fold that kind of boning with your hands to make it collapse!

    If you're really worried, get some hollywood tape and stick two slivers under each arm and one across the middle of the neckline to stick the dress to your decolletage - you'll be fine for sure!

    As for small boobs and strapless dresses, it's actually a very flattering look because you show so much shoulder and collarbone! I can't really explain it, but have a look at this:


    check out some more pics online (selma blair also has small boobs!).

    Go get some of those stick on gel bras (not the thin adhesive ones) if you feel like you won't fill it out, although I don't think this will be necessary - try the dress on before you get the sticky bra.
  14. thanks i_wona! i guess if It does fit, i'll sell it or something... i think i will get it.. just gotta wait for bluefly discount code!
  15. I agree! They look much more classy. I think you'll be fine, but if you feel like you need some more filling, get a padded strapless bra.