Small Black Trendy CC

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  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering about the availability of the small black Trendy CC bag. Is the black colour (in the small size) considered a "classic" that is released every season? Or does Chanel currently only release the "seasonal" colours like the Tiffany blue from a few months ago?


    Also, if anyone does own this beautiful bag, I would greatly appreciate your reviews of it, including the general wear and tear of the bag (whether it scratches easily etc). Thanks!!
  2. Trendy CC is a Seasonal release. It is not out every season, although I would say Black is always out whenever it's released, along with the seasonal colors. I don't believe the Trendy CC is out for 20S (this upcoming season.)

    I don't own it so I can't speak to wear. etc.
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  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for your response! I might still try my luck and pop into the New Bond Street store in London to see if it is available. :smile:
  4. Yes definitely. It was out for 20P so chances are probably good you can find one. :smile:
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  5. Trendy cc is my personal favorite chanel. I can't speak about wear and tear because I stare at it more than I wear it. The lambskin is luxurious, it feels like a pillow. Please let us know if you find it at the Bond Street Store in black. I am sure that you will be very pleased with it.
  6. I think black comes back fairly often, especially with the small quilts. I just got a preloved one and it’s a 21 series (2015/16) and in very good condition - no major scratches on the leather, no corner rubs and no scratches on the plate. Good luck finding one! I was debating buying a new one too but I got a decent deal on this one so I went for it.
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  7. I love my Trendy so much and am so glad I bought it. I haven’t used it enough to comment on wear and tear but people I know who have one say it scratches easily. My personal experience of lambskin is that it does scratch easily but over time it develops a patina and the scratches sort of blend in. I always buy lambskin wallets and have no issues with them and they’ve been squashed in my bag against keys. Having said that, the Trendy is a very expensive bag so I am cautious about carrying it for fear of scratching it and spoiling it! I know that sounds like a contradiction! I just wouldn’t use it as an every day bag, it’s a special bag for me. I believe they have them in the boutiques in England now as I’ve seen an influx of them on Instagram recently.
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  8. I will be going there this weekend so I will update here if I find it! :smile:
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  9. I agree! I am concerned that it will scratch easily but I also love the smooth buttery feel of lambskin. I'm the kind of person that really babies my bags so I know I'll be extra careful when I use it. Is your Trendy in black as well?
  10. Congrats on finding one in great condition and a decent deal. That is not easy to do. Can you recommend a good site or store to find a great pre-loved one by any chance? Thanks
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  11. I baby my bags too. I haven’t even taken the protective stickers off the hardware yet!! Mine is in black, yes.
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  12. I agree that the bag seems a bit difficult to find at a decent price on the preloved market, probably because it's sooo popular right now and people are either not selling it because they love it (which is a good sign IMO) or resellers are offering it at a high price because there are not as many available. I recommend following reputable resellers on Instagram, such as Timelesslikeaudrey, Boutique Patina, Zeko's Authentication or Wellesley Luxury Group. They are also likely able to source the bag for you, at variable costs. Good luck! I'm in Canada so I tried to focus on Canadian sellers, with variable degrees of success, but I was able to find mine in Canada.
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  13. Thank you so so much. I will do my homework. Congratulations again. I appreciate your help! If you happen to come across one please don’t hesitate to let me know.
  14. For sure! I’ll let you know! Are you looking for black specifically?
  15. Actually, I have way too much black. I think the black is the prettiest no doubt! I was thinking gray if it’s on a darker side or even a beautiful honey brown. I am open. It’s hard not to ask for black