Small Black Toilet bag $369 BIN or BO

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  1. What is the official name of that bag, and when was it released? Is it still made? (btw, I notice it's already been BIN'd) ... ;)
  2. I was too late...client was in my office talking nonsense and because of him I missed it! ~sadness~:shrugs:
  3. Those pesky clients!! :smile:
  4. Congrats Chi!
  5. Thanks but I am not keeping it. I BINed it for another PFer who I knew was looking for it.
  6. I got all excited and it was already gone.:hysteric:
  7. Chi, so nice of you!!!!
  8. Chi - can you please tell more about it? Like, what is the official name of it, what year(s) was it produced, etc?
  9. I don't know much about it, I just know that someone was looking for it so I called her and told her and offered to BIN it for her because she was not in front of her computer. I think it is new for this season. There have been some threads about it so that ishow I knew she was looking for it. Maybe search the word "toilet case" in the bbag subforum?
  10. AWWW....So cute!!
  11. Yep, that is cute! I'm glad it's going to a PFer!
  12. She listed a brand new one this morning and I snapped it up. They are expensive, but too cute.
  13. ^^^OMG! Congrats! I want one so bad but I can only buy from sellers in the US~ I don't have Paypal anymore!
  14. Very cute ... I wish the stores here would carry more of the accessories. They're missing a whole segment of the market ...