Small black ritz flap **Pics**

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to share pics of my small black ritz flap that arrived today. She's a beauty. :heart: I took off the shoulder pad pieces because the bag feels more comfortable w/out them.




  2. Beautiful! The bag looks so substantial - I love it!
  3. Jenn!! :nuts: You are killing me with your stunning bags... first the MC tote, and now this beauty!! :drool: I've always loved the Ritz actually... I think it's probably even underrated, and it's so classy and elegant! :tup: You look fabulous with it, but like I always say, you could sling a freakin' Hefty bag over your shoulder, call it a night, and look hot no matter what haha! :p
  4. Thank you bananax119.

    Minal: Thanks and you are making me :blush:. You'd look gorgeous carrying a ziplock bag. I saw your pics in the action thread and you and your mom are beautiful. I have a "thing" for patent bags, so I had to have this even though it's pretty similar to my patent jumbo. LMK what you decide regardiing the MC tote(s). ;)
  5. Honestly Jenn, this is one of your greatest treasures to date. *I love it!* That is the most beautiful patent I have ever seen with the quilting and shine. It looks gorgeous on you too, a perfect fit. If you don't keep this one I will fly to CA and take it home with me!!
  6. Oh this is absolutely gorgeous, totally a great addition to your other fab bags... Congrats... I love it!
  7. Aww, thanks Roey! The bag seems quite small to me, you know how I love my big bags. It will take me a little while to get used to the size, but I think she's a keeper. BTW, I'm going to be calling in builders to build me a beautiful purse cabinet like yours. :heart:

    eiffel21: Thank you! I know I'm a little late w/the ritz flap considering it came out last fall, but I didn't *need* one until they were all sold out.
  8. Aww, now you're making me :blush:! I think that the Ritz is really standout though, so even though you have the Jumbo black patent flap, I would keep this (and if you don't, Fed Ex can deliver it to me in NY haha)! :p I love patent bags too!! I want the new black medium crackled patent flap, and I already have a navy patent E/W, and a rose patent flap (9 inches across, not 10)! Well, I have a thing for both metallics and patents I suppose haha. :p I PM'd you actually... but no real decision yet, because it's a difficult one to make for me! :nuts:

  9. I can always count on my lovely enablers!;) Have you posted pics of your navy patent E/W and rose patent yet? Sheesh, I've fallen way too far behind. I need to scour the action thread tomorrow and find your beautiful pics.
  10. Stunning - looks great on you! Congrats!
  11. Oh it's soo gorgeous!!! Congrats!! I didn't know that the ritz is bigger than I thought!
  12. hey jenn..congrats on another lovely addition btw, you look great as always..:smile:

    a question: do you find it hard to take care of ur patent bags coz some of mine get 'sticky' KWIM?

  13. I'm definitely an enabler... and you've enabled me on several occasions too! :p Hmm... well the navy patent E/W is "old" - probably six months or so (I never posted a pic though), and the rose patent flap was a lucky fairly recent eBay find... I have a pic of it if you'd like to see: (
    I'm so glad you were able to find your gorgeous Ritz... got your PM about it! :smile: I'm definitely leaning towards *must have* on the black N/S MC tote haha... someone save me! :nuts: :p

  14. Thank you pursemania.

    Rica: Thank you. LOL, when it arrived it was smaller than I thought it was going to be. :smile:

    minami: Thank you. I don't find my patents hard to take care of at all. All of mine have the crackled patent leather that resists fingerprints, so that might have something to do w/it. My patent jumbo bumps against everything and it's still pristine.

    Minal: Holy moly, that is one gorgeous bag! :nuts: You look amazing as always. Now I'm definitely going to have to scour the action thread tomorrow. I'd love to see a pic of the patent navy when you get a chance.
  15. I'm so jealous!:crybaby: It's FABULOUS!:heart: