Small black or large nutmeg Paraty??

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  1. Any thoughts on the above?
    I need a neutral colour and have narrowed it down to Black, Nutmeg or poss chocolate.
    I can only get the nutmeg in large but not sure if it's too big for me (although I am 5ft7" and size uk12)?
    The black or choc I'd imagine may wear better being darker colours?
    I saw the large Black though and it didn't really jump out at me.
    Chloe London have a medium nutmeg but she said it was a little marked.
    I hate playing the waiting game as there's always so much temptation along the way and would like to get one before the VAT rise in January
  2. I vote for the nutmeg! Good luck with your choice :smile:
  3. I just ordered the small/medium in Black. I think that one is a classic. :yes: I tried on this particular size before and I think it's just perfect. I'm 5'5" though, 2 inches shorter than you. I think the large size does not show the wonderful shape of the bag so much because of the slouch (especially when carried using the long strap), and it's kinda too big to be carried on the arm. That being said, I do think that Nutmeg is beautiful as well. It's quite neutral and will either pop or blend in when mixed with other colors.

    Either color would be great, but only in the small/medium size. ;) Just my opinion. So excited to receive mine! :woohoo:

    Hope this helps! Let us know which one you chose! (I suggest you try on both sizes and colors if you can...sometimes things look different when you're wearing them)
  4. Hey,
    I just received my medium black Paraty. I'm about 165cm and a size 6 so the large Paraty was just way too big for me. It was a toss up between the Nut and Black but I have a brown paddington so I figured I'd get a black Chloe this time. I've also mentioned in a different post that the gold hardware on this bag is more striking in the black compared to the Nut IMO. But if you are after a neutral bag, the Nut is beautiful. I can post up some photo's of my black paraty if you want to have to a look at the colour and size. Hope this helps. Let me know which one you decide on
  5. thanks guys...would love to see your black ones!
  6. I really like the shape of the small/medium. I love the nut color but also nutmeg or black. With these two choices I would go with the small black but I base that on the bag shape.
  7. My first rec is for the sm/med size. If the mark is not bad I'd go for the Nutmeg if they will discount it little for you. Or the black. Maria has a gorgeous choco if you do a search in the action thread.
  8. Tough decision to make Rach, both are beautiful. I felt like you about the black until I saw it IRL, it looks special iykwim with the hardware, and I just prefer the size of the small personally.

    Saying that, nutmeg is so pretty......... im not helping much am I ;)
  9. Get the smaller black Paraty, I have one and I love mine! Also, I think the large would be too big for daily use.
  10. well I think I may end up getting both at this rate!
  11. If you get both from Saks you could get a $450. gift card toward a third! :smile:
  12. Goodness, if you can afford both, then why not? :nuts::graucho: I wish I had that luxury.:P Can't wait to see what you decide on.
  13. If I get both I will sell a couple of my existing bags.
  14. well...thanks for all your help.
    Typically me, though, I've had a total change of mind and ordered a regular Choc one.
    I'll let you know how I get on.
  15. You got the small/medium Chocolate Paraty? That's a great choice too!