Small Black Multipocket or Black Blake?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I have a Black Blake on the way. I ordered it because I want a medium-sized black bag that can be versatile. I already have the small Multipocket in Bordeaux (love it!) and thought that it would be good to expand my collection and buy a Blake.

    What are your thoughts on one vs. the other? I know TPFers have shared their opinions about the Blake vs. the large Multipocket, but I'd love everyone's thoughts on its merits (or drawbacks) vs. the small Multipocket.

    Looking forward to your wisdom. :smile:
  2. Wow, small mp in Bordeaux is a great color but I have to admit Blake might be more versatile than small mp. I think it has a bit more space though I'm not big with blake in black. I think it's a good growing collection you have :tup:
  3. I prefer the small MP, although I know I am in the minority here. It is pretty roomy for a small bag and is comfortable to wear. I bought a Blake because I absolutely love the way it looks and it seems to be one of the most adored bags here, but it was way too heavy for me. With the three separate compartments all lined in suede, it is heavy even before you put your stuff in it! I think I just do better with the one big compartment bag; if I have more than one compartment, I can never remember where I put anything!
  4. I had a small mp and sold it. It was way too tiny!! I had a blake and did not love it because of three compartments, too much trouble, got a venetia and adore it!!
  5. Ladies,

    Great feedback.

    Chloe.Clementine: Why do you not like the Blake in black? I'd love to hear your thoughts
  6. I have a black blake on the way as well. I really debated about my color choice - bordeaux is so pretty & there's the new grey....but I didn't like the gold hardware with the grey & I thought black would be the least worrysome color in bad weather & would be classic for yrs to come. I really don't think black can be wrong - a little more boring than some of the other fabulous colors maybe, but I was lacking a black everyday bag & black will match everything in my wardrobe & probably yours too:tup:
  7. LOL... I know chloe.clementine's taste - she prefers bags with color as opposed to black. She tends to gravitate toward white and other colored bags.

    As for myself, I like the small MP better than the blake. I have both, but find that I stay more organized with the MP. The blake has too many compartments and I forget which compartment I put things in. I end up rifling through every compartment which takes too much time for me.
  8. ^I agree!!
  9. I have the small MP but I've been thinking that I should get the Blake so congrats on your new Blake!
  10. I love the small MP more. For some reason, the Blake just doesn't work for me. I used to own one in Spearmint and kinda like thithi said, it was hard for me to remember in what compartment I put things. The small MP is the perfect size for me and it feels so good on the shoulder.

    I'm envious of your MP in sounds delicious!
  11. luvpurses24: it IS delicious. I carried it last night and honestly I'm madly in love with it. One of the best purchases I've ever made. I get my Blake today and I'm going to give it a careful evaluation. If I'm not sold it's going back to NM and I'm getting the small MP!
  12. What is a small mp!?
    I might buy the Blake tomorrow but now I'm rethinking this!
  13. I find the blake too heavy for me too. I love carrying around the small MP. It's just so easy to carry. It fits everything perfectly.
  14. this is a small MP:


    I have the small MP & the Blake. The Blake is bigger/roomier & HEAVIER, however
    I'm finding it to be a great cold weather bag. It doesn't dig into my shoulder with a jacket or coat on & doesn't feel very heavy on my shoulder (again over a coat)- it feels very heavy picking it up or holding on my arm........but it has the extra room I need in winter for gloves etc. I also love the middle compartment with such easy access - it's like having the convenience of a tote but also has security because of the other 2 zip sections. The pockets on the Blake are bigger than the small MPs. I can fit my razr maxx in the Blake pockets but not the small MPs. I love both bags equally. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  15. Both bags have pro's and con's. I've owned both, I, personally found the small MP too small for me. The Blake is heavier, but I love the compartments and the overall design of the Blake.
    The multipocket is a great bag, very cute, and the Blake very versatile.