Small black florentine satchel

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  1. It arrived, but the black florentine leather feels much different than my other two satchels (taupe and crimson). It feels less substantial even cheaper. I'm not sure I'm loving it. First, the tassels won't stay tied because the leather is so light weight and slippery. The tassels are much thinner than my others too. Second, the back left side is VERY pebbled. I do not like pebbled leather. Although, it is on the back side, so I guess it doesn't matter. Third, it doesn't have the strong leather smell like my other two, which these two even still have a stronger smell and they are months old.

    What are your thoughts? Why does it feel much cheaper. Will the pebbled get worse over time? Or is this the worst it will be?

    I'm attaching pictures.
  2. Here they are....

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  4. Hi Mandyldee, I think she is beautiful, but the most important thing is that you are happy with her. I have the black one too and she is very substantial and smells wonderful. For as much $$ as we spend on our babies, I am a firm believer that we ought to be very happy with our purchase and if not... return it or exchange it. I've noticed that when I order directly from that what I receive is not always consistent. In other words, I've been in your shoes before too and I returned it. I eventually bought another one (of the same color/style) but I couldn't justify spending the same amount of money on something I love versus something I'm not totally happy with...
  5. I love the black in small version. I wouldnt mind a little bit of pebbling , cause the leather is like that, I dont expect it to be super uniform all over. But, it would bother me if the overall feel of the bag was one of less quality compared to the ones I already own from the same style.
  6. I saw one in Macy's today, and the black florentine is the same as mine. Is the leather on your black florentine back also pebbled in some spots, or is it completely smooth?

    I'm concerned that if I exchange it, they might send me one even worse or pebbled in the front. I've been looking a lot at the florentine bags and many of them seem to have at least some pebbling.
  7. I saw one in Macy's today, and the overall feel was the same as mine. I think it might just be that the black florentine takes color differently. Who knows...but the good part is that it sort of feels waterproof. Almost like they treat the black with something.

    Do you know if the pebbling will get worse with wear?
  8. I dont think the pebbling should get worse, I think its just like skin, some parts are more rough, other more smooth. You might get wrinkles and slouch overall. Thats my opinion, but there are lovely ladies here who have way more experience with leather goods, so they may give you little more info.

    P.S. I just checked my small taupe and it also has a little pebbled part in the back. Once again, it doesnt bother me. Only thing I can think of is that pebbled parts are more prone to wrinkles. Proper stuffing of the bag when she is in her sleeper bag should keep it fine.
  9. I wasn't pleased with my Black Kingston Hobo, I sent it back. Not smooth Florentine like I had hoped.

    Maybe exchange it and see if you get a bag with less pebbling?
  10. That is beautiful love the black!
  11. Thanks! I haven't decided if I am keeping it because I do not like the pebbling, but I am starting to think I can get over it.
  12. I was thinking that, but then again, an exchange is a pain. I am leaning towards keeping it because most of the bag is beautiful. And like others said, leather is skin so it is not always the same.
  13. How big is the pebbled part on the back of your bag?
  14. I wonder if its just the leather that is being used on yours and the one you saw at Macy's -- that is 'softer'? Mine doesn't have that waterproof feeling to it, but I have one in t-moro that does --- and I thought the same thing you do - I liked it. It felt different in some sort of way (that I really couldn't explain, except the waterproof describes it well).

    I don't believe the pebbling will get worse or more pronounced with wear. From what I've read, it's simply a different kind of skin. On that note, I've seen pictures of bags with the smooth leather and then the pebbled on the same side. I have a couple of flo's that have more pebbling than others and then a couple that are smooth.

    I also noticed that one has a crinkled look at bottom of one side. I think it's just the leather. At first it really bothered me (and as I think I mentioned in another post, I even returned one in chestnut because it wasn't consistent!), but now that I understand it more, it doesn't bother me... not too much anyways. However, I prefer either smooth or pebbled, rather than a combo. But thats just my personal opinion.

    I do believe that you should be completely happy. My black one looks just like the back of yours. The whole thing has that pebbled look. Originally I only wanted the smooth ones, as my ivy and taupe arrived as smooth beauties. However, since I've got the black one like the back pebbled back of yours, I've decided I like both. They make for very different looks, to me. As a matter of fact, one of mine looks like its almost in between pebbled and smooth. Now that my 'newbie' status is over, I can post pictures (as soon as I figure out how to) and I'll show you my collection.

    Also, I've learned that when I've ordered off of, that I don't know if I'll be getting the pebbled or the smooth - until it arrives. I like the idea of seeing it in person, if possible - or even seeing pictures of the actual bag (like on ebay).
  15. only dooney- for help with photos go to FAQ at the bottom of the page. Thats how I learned how to attach pics from my computer :smile: Cant wait to see your pictures!