Small Black Betty

  1. Just recieved at Small Black Betty from....BLUEFLY, which had I been able to find another anywhere I would not have ordered. But anyway, the leather seems not as soft as it should be, all hardware looks authentic (I have a gray one). The thing that bothers me most is that on the opposite side from the zipper there is no tab to hold to zip it shut. Does anyone out there have one without, maybe it's a style change?

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. you mean like this?

    brass lock outer.jpg

    if so, the new models do not come with them anymore.
  3. or are you just talking about the zipper itself? sorry watching dr. phil and blogging at the same time....
  4. Actually the little leather tag that is sew on to the bag to hold on to opposite of were the zipper begins to zip. Does that make sense? It is a little folded piece of leather..

  5. I just got my large today. It's an '06 and it has that little tab of leather on the main zipper compartment only. I have no idea about other sizes/years.
  6. chabich, take pics and post them in the authentication thread and you will get more help! Those ladies are very knowledgeable about chloe.....
  7. Thanks!
  8. I know exactly what you mean! My large betty in smooth brun leather does not have it but my small patent moka chain betty does! I find it very convenient to have it.