Small Bianca satchel in Cream??


Feb 24, 2008
Does anyone know where I can get a small Bianca in cream?? (Did they ever make one?) I have seen it in Med on the "Bay" but Is the med size rather large? I am only 5' so I can't carry a really large bag.

I do have a med trigger and that it a nice size. I could go smaller for the Bianca though.
I have a cherry bianca clutch that I use for my small bag. I really need a new cream bag and love the look of the Bianca! Especially with those cute little pockets on the front. :drool:
Sep 2, 2007
They made a cream/offwhite/bone (forgot the official name) Bianca last Spring. I know it came in Large but don't remember seeing it in the other sizes.