Small Betty clunker....but I liiiiiikkkkkkkke

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  1. A BG sale item that is luring me in it's web, because of it's smaller size and spacious innards. It's because of the purse's fabulous depth I am considering it.

    Okay, it's a ??washed?? patent?? brown leather (isn't that an oxymoron?). This combination has me scratching my head. Is it an attractive patina?

    Take a lookie and Please, Please give me an opinion, especially if you have one...:shrugs: masterId=cat205909&index=11&cmCat=cat000000cat2057 00cat205900cat205909cat210805
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. erm, its not the nicest I have seen. Maybe its the style, maybe its the colour, I am just not really feeling it. Sorry :smile: I think you could get a nicer Chloe for your money.
  3. Not something i particularly like, but it's ok.
    If you like it - get it! Good price too...:yes:
  4. Wow.... truthfully, I was 100% prepared to write a post about how I don't like Bettys normally, but its you that has to carry it, etc. etc. But I actually really love that one!!!!! I like the "washed" patent leather. It's not as plastic-y shiny looking as some other patent leathers I have seen! I love the shape and the chain strap!! Go for it! It's hott!!!
  5. I agree with rinstar... I'm not a huge Betty fan, but that particular style is amazing. I've seen it irl and it looks even better.

  6. Arggh, you people are not helping me (actually you are). I wanted more nea's then yea's but that's not the case and I really want this bag (my second glossy brown with silver I may add, but the other is a Ferrigamo).

    Okay. My incircle points, when they kick in for Dec., will put me over the 5000 mark. That basically means 150 dollars to put towards a NM/BG purchase (making me feel more justified to buy that Chloe). The only problem is those points haven't kicked in yet and I can't bring myself to buy until they do. That stupid purse will probably be gone by then.:sweatdrop:

    Maybe that's a good thing?

  7. hmmm...i haven't had the chance to return mine yet and i know i won't get to the store until january now...i wonder if there's a way you could buy it when i might be complicated because i bought it online and for the higher sale price but we could try...maybe the SA could call you for a phone order when i bring it back...?
  8. nycmom, Why are you returning yours? Was too expensive or you don't like how the purse looks?:shrugs:
  9. i ordered the chocolate from the bg website when it first went on sale but then found the black the next day for even less at another nyc store and since i have so many brown bags decided the black would work better for me. i'm going to return it to the store i just haven't had a chance and now we're going to be away so i definitely won't get there until january which gives you time if you decide you still want it!

    i don't know if this makes it easier or harder for you but i am actually surprised how much i love this bag! i really bought it on a whim because of the sale and it's become one of my very favorites. in fact i can't take it on the trip and i'm a little sad because i'll miss it! :shame: it's just a really fun and kinda cool style...
  10. I bought this in the deep bordeaux ---- OMG it is just such a beautiful color. The bag is so comfortable to carry and I love the chain strap!
  11. To me, it sounds like you love this bag. I think you should go for it!!!!!
  12. Go for it! I think it's great. like some of the others on here, I'm not a big betty fan but I think it looks lovely in that leather and colour.
  13. I really love this bag. I think you should get it! I've seen it in real life and it's puuurty.