Small Berry Multi Pocket

  1. Hi there,
    After reading on the forum, I know a lot of you saw the small Berry Multi Pocket at your Neiman Marcus Last Calls...I don't have one near me...So if you saw one recently, can you please tell me which location + the price? Someone mentioned it was $350 at one of the locations, which is what I'd hope to spend. Do let me know, thanks!! :heart:
  2. Also a lot of people have seen them at Nordstrom rack (myself included). Right now at my NR as of yesterday, they had a berry venetia about 449.00

  3. Oops.....I think i meant NR, not NMLC....

    Anyways, which location did you go to? Thanks!

  4. Try NR
    1600 Saratoga Ave Ste 305
    San Jose, CA
    95129 Phone: (408) 374-4144
    Last week they had 4 Berry MP's for $350:yes:
    Good luck!
  5. That sounds promising...Thanks!!!!

  6. PS: Did you happen to see any Berry Blakes?

  7. Nope, didn't see any blakes...
    If they still have Mps ask SA very carefully look for any scratches on the bag. They was on the shelf for a while now... so be careful because on MJ bags no returns no exchanges...
  8. 2 sm berry mp's at San Francisco Nordstrom rack this evening 10 minutes before closing time, also 2 berry venetia's.
    555 Ninth St
    San Francisco, CA
    94103 Phone: (415) 934-1211