Small Bday Reveal (1st LV purchases!)

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  1. Hi all! My 31st birthday is coming up this week and I decided to "gift" myself some SLGs. I have been collecting designer bags for a while, but the whole SLG idea is still new to me. I now want everything in my handbag to match, haha! I have an order request in for the Rosalie coin purse in fuchsia, so hopefully I can add that soon!!

    Group shot:


    Photos of my things inside:

    * I am using the round coin purse for headphones and an old iPod nano.
    * The toiletry 15 fits all my things perfectly.
    * Lastly, I am going to use the cles in an unconventional way. I have type 1 diabetes so I am using it for extra pump/glucose meter supplies.


    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Happy Birthday and congrats on these goodies. They are all very handy pieces. Enjoy in good health!
  3. Happy Birthday! Good choices! Enjoy them!

    I have diabetes also and my dr has tried to talk me into a pump for years! If I cave I have the same slgs!
  4. Love all your SLG's! I've slowly collected the ones you have pictured as well as the Monogram Pencil Case.
  5. Happy Birthday and enjoy all of your goodies!
  6. Congratulations! Gorgeous pieces.
  7. Beautiful! Enjoy
  8. Thank you!!

    I was diagnosed when I was 14 and my doctor started recommending the pump almost immediately. I was on shots for 2 months, so I've been on the pump 15+ years. The idea freaked me out at first too, but it does give a lot of flexibility and it's really all I've ever known. I also have a Dexcom (not integrated into my pump) so I feel like a cyborg sometimes haha!

    Thanks! Oh, I'll have to check out the pencil case!

    Thanks so much!
  9. Happy Birthday and congrats on your slg's!
  10. Happy Birthday!!! You picked gorgeous items. Enjoy them in good health!!!
  11. Happy Birthday!!! Love your new goodies. LV makes awesome SLG's. I think I love them more than my bags!
  12. Love all them, such great pieces. Congrats!
  13. happy birthday and congrats on some very nice choices. i don't have a toiletry pouch but i do own the other 2 and use them daily, including today. hope you find yours as useful. lately i've been using my little key pouch to hold my license and cash and maybe a credit card if i want to carry a very small bag like a pochette. very handy this way. enjoy your goodies!

  14. yes, it's so perfect for a tiny wallet as well. I'm sure I'll end up using it that way too!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and comments!

  15. Congrats on your first LVs and Happy Birthday! What a great use of the cles - make your medical supplies tres chic!! lol :smile: