Small Bayswater

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  1. I have a small bays, the quilted version. I prefer this over the standard one, as the shoulderstrap is attached at the back of the bag (not the sides) which I prefer. It is pretty roomy for a smaller bag And it is in the sale too...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Is access easy to things in the bag?
  3. yes of course.
  4. Have you considered the mini zipped Bayswater? I think a zippered bag is always easier to Access than a flap bag. But it might be too small for your purpose.
  5. I am considering that too. Either that or the small bayswater or the amberely satchel. I think the small zipped bayswater is too big for my needs. A mini bayswater or amberely satchel might be better. I don’t have any store nearby to check how amberely looks and if it is easy to open and close the bag. I have quite a bit of international travelling and I need a bag that isn’t too big but still holds more than just a wallet and keys.
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  6. Mini zipped bayswater*
    I am 5ft 7.. i don’t want the bag to look tiny on me either! Lol. Having a hard time deciding.
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  7. I am 5’8” and The mini zipped looks good on me. It’s not tiny
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