Small bayswater Vs small lily?

  1. I will buy my first Mulberry and my first choice is the small bayswater in oak. But when I went to the shopping store today I get a little bit dissapointed when I saw it was in the "new leather". I think it looked a little bit plastic.and with "the plastics ends (is it plastics?) Is the new leather good or bad? My second choice is the Lily in small, but I know that its att different kind of bag, but it´s very pretty though (in oak) Could someone please give me some advice about which bag I will choose?
  2. Hello!
    I don't have the small bayswater, but do have a new bayswater in oxblood, which is lovely, but heavy. The leather has softened ever so slightly, and there is some slight colour rubbing off in a couple of corners, but I think this is more of an issue with the oxblood from what I have read. (It isn't really noticable to anyone other than me!)
    Which colour were you thinking? I think if you are not happy with the leather, you will always notice it, Mulberry bags are expensive so I think it has to be perfect!

    I have 2 Lilys, which I absolutely love, I find them so useful - they can hold more than they look like they would, they are such an elegant bag, equally good for wandering around town, dinner, theatre etc, the only thing I don't use mine for are work. You can wear it accross body, on shoulder with double straps, or long with a single strap. What were you wanting to use it for?

    Goodluck with your decision! Go with your heart!