Small Bayswater or Chloe Drew ?

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  1. Hello everyone !

    I want to treat myself with a new bag and since all my bags are black, I would like to choose a light shade this time. I can't decide between Mulberry small Bayswater and Chloe Drew.

    In my "collection", I have a medium Lily and a Blossom tote, both in black. I think the Baywater is more practical to use and it's a timeless bag. But I already own two Mulberry bags that are also very "classic". That's why I am considering the Drew bag, because it's a less classic bag. It's more special, trendy, "eye-catching"... If it gets less trendy, I don't think it would bother me. But the Drew bag seems fragile and is less pratical to use everyday. I would have to carry a tissu totebag if I want to carry a book, a bottle of water or an umbrella...



    Can you help me to decide ?
  2. Hey there! I think they're both lovely bags in their own right but it depends how/where you want to use it. IMO the small Bayswater is more practical in terms of what you can carry but for me is a more casual bag. The Chloe Drew would be more versatile I feel, easy to dress up and looks equally as good with jeans and a tee. I have the drew in mini size and haven't found it to be hard to look after. So I guess think about what function you want your new bag to serve in your collection and that might help you decide? GL, and please let us know what you go with! [emoji4]
  3. I really like the Drew and was considering it. But I already bought a bag in a similar shape with suede flap and chain detail. ;)

    The only real drawbacks - if you plan to load it up, the chain might be uncomfortable. Also I think the suede looks pretty but if you like your bags to stay pristine, you might hate it.

    Since you already have classic shapes it seems like a good alternative.
  4. Thank you for your answers !
  5. I think the bayswater is better since it's more practical. You can use it for both work and leisure.
    I've seen the chloe drew in real life and that fastener falls out really easily. That'd drive me nuts.
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  6. I love both these bags, but as shoesshoesshoes says the fastener on the Drew is a pest & that's a dealbreaker for me. Bays all the way.
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