small bags

  1. i love tiny bags and huge bags. this is a thread about small bags. do you like the mini hl sac from lv
  2. That is one LV I can honestly say I will never buy.
  3. hmmm cute for a 10yr old (although I wouldn't get it for a child) but seems kinda useless.........
  4. I had both the black and white mc mini hl. I ended up selling both. Not functional enough for me to justify the cost.
  5. Not worth the $ IMO. I;d rather save up and get me the Damier Speedy!
  6. It's cute..but too pricey for small bag IMO.
  7. its okay..not great. i have it in mc black and use it as something to separate things i want on hand immediately in my big bags. i also used it alone once during an evening out. its cute to look at though..hahaha...=D
  8. I had a monogram mini sac a few years back and ended up selling it for a speedy 25, which I ended up selling for a speedy 30 down the line lol. The mini sac is a cute bag, but I didn't have much use for it. It basically fits your keys, a compact, and a cell phone.
  9. I don't have mini HL but have heard people say it's useful when worn with a long strap.
  10. I Love Mini Speedies....They Are Fun!
  11. I have a mono mini HL and I love it! :love: It's the cutest little thing! I usually take it with me to the movies and to the airport when I need to pick someone up. Lately, I've been running to the airport alot to pick up relatives and family so the HL has been seeing the daylight quite often.

    I also have a damier ribera mini which is quite small and I use that as my evening bag. But I think these 2 will be the only small LV bags I'll ever own. They are pricey for its size but I just couldn't resist and the price keeps going up anyway.
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  13. it's real cute with the long strap and worn across the body!
  14. I loved my white MC mini hl...I wish I would've kept it now.. I bought it back when it was $360...
  15. I have one and it is small but I love it.