Small bags = over?

  1. All the latest styles are about BIG bags - big hobos, satchels, etc etc. :supacool: .

    So should I start using my smaller bags as something to put in bigger bags for makeup or other stuff? How long do you guys think this big bag trend is going to last? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the changing rhythms of fashion, but I also have a fair amount of smaller bags that are going to be feeling very left out in the next few months. :upsidedown:
  2. Small bags arent practical anymore, unless its night! Most people carry their sinks in their purses these days, and to limit their stuff to a cell and condoms is crazy!

    I swear, once I get a good bag, im stuffing everything including my desktop computer in it!
  3. I don't care what is in or out, I generally need a big Ol' Bag to carry all my stuff. If I'm on the go all day I need to carry a bottle of water, a book, my mail, and anything else I need. The only time I'd use a small wristlet is when I am shopping at say an outlet mall. I want free hands, money, credit cards, and my phone. But my real purse would be locked in the trunk of my car.
  4. small purses have their use :smile: especially for drinking and dancing at night! :smile: or like when you have a nice outfit that you wouldn't want to overpower with a humongulous bag. hehe
  5. I like a medium bag. I cannot lug around a huge bag full of stuff all day - it is too uncomfortable. I need my basics and a little room for extras. That's it!
  6. I like small bags for running out quickly to the store. If I'm running to the corner market, I don't need to carry my entire life with me so small bags are perfect for that!
  7. I personally have slipped in this big bag mentality. Everything comes in waves so I am sure smaller bags will be back in no time.
  8. i dont' care about trend... i'm always a big bag girl. i even bring 2 bags at the same times sometimes, one for personal stuff, and a bigger one for my files & some stuffs i NEED :P
  9. I put EVERYTHING in my purse, so I love big purses :smile:
  10. There are some people who can use a small purse. Any how as long as it's a quality purse does it matter if it's the size of a cosmetic bag or the size of a suitcase.

    imo just because these big bags are in doens't mean that the majority of them are even that great looking.
  11. i love small bags just for a quick run or going out...and big bags have their place....don't go with what everyone else is doing...go with what makes you comfortable
  12. I'm so in love with my 2001 le dix balenciaga - I don't give a hoot if it's in or out! It's ON my arm!
  13. style always comes and goes so keep your small bags away temporarily. I'll bet u , they will be in again in the future....
  14. I've always been a big bag gal. And the only time I use a slightly smaller bag (but still to normal people its quite big!) when I go out clubbing or for dinner.

    But I never go with the trend per se... wear whatever you want or most comfy with I'd say!

    So wear your small / large bags with pride no matter what!
  15. Big Bag = Daytime; small bag = night on the town. That way, all my darlings get the attention they deserve. :drinkup: