Small Bags on Tall girls.....? pics...

  1. It wasn't until I came to this forum that I started reading that taller ladies should stick to larger bags and shouldn't use smaller bags.....but why? I never understood this, I'm 6ft (and not on the slim side....) and I've always been a small hand bag kinda girl.

    When I first started asking around about getting my speedy ( my first LV ) I mentioned that I was 6ft and immediately people started to respond by saying that because I was so tall I should get the bigger speedy like a 30 or 35 (even though I didn't want a 35) and now the 25 was out of the question because of my height.

    I did end up going with the speedy 30, but not because it looked too small on me, but because I liked the opening and I didn't think it was too big.

    I honestly think bigger bags on me look silly. I tried carrying a large black leather hobo but, if anything I felt bigger wearing it (plus I didn't have enough things to put in it...)

    So, am I some kind of fashion victim because I'm a taller woman who wears smaller bags? How do clutches or bags like a pouchette play into this?

    Now I know some of you may say "don't worry what other say, get what you like" and that's very true and I agree, but I really want to know / discuss this height thing. I think it's strange because I never really hear the opposite of this, that smaller girls shouldn't carry big bags!!!

    Here are some picture of me and my popincourt. I'm 6'0" and way too many pounds..... :p

  2. I think this bag looks great on you! I am not very tall and I own huge bags and small bags. I buy whatever I like.
  3. I think you wear the popincourt well! :yes: Also, I think the reason why people promote bigger handbags with taller frames is because they think it looks better proportion-wise...but if you don't carry a lot, you shouldn't force yourself to get a big bag because other people think it looks better on the frame.

    I'm a lot shorter than you are (5'4"), but I don't like big bags because 1.) they make me look shorter and 2.) I don't haul that much stuff, anyway. I used to carry bigger bags, but honestly, all it did was make my back hurt and I was more inclined to put things inside that I wouldn't normally do with a smaller bag. However, I know a lot of small girls who like big's just a matter of preference. :smile:

    Now I kinda want a popincourt long...your popincourt is...:drool:
  4. iim 5'9, and i still have an inch or two left to go.
    i still plan to carry my teensy bags when im even taller!
  5. I am also a tall lady, and I think that bag looks great.
  6. so cute!!! love the poppincourt.

    I'm tall too (5'9") and my favorite bags are my reades, so I totally understand :p
  7. I think you look fabulous! I believe that girls should carry bags based on personal style as well as functional needs. I was never one to believe that someone should buy one bag over another based on helght or weight..everyone should buy what they love and wear it like they mean it. :smile:
  8. I'm considered "tall" at 5'7" (short compared to you 5'9"ers and 6' ers! :p) and I LOVEEE wearing small bags. The popincourt looks great on you!
  9. BTW, I think a lot of the petite ladies here love huge bags :p
  10. I think you should get what you like. I mean "who makes up these fashion rules"????? You look great with your bag. I myself prefer smaller bags. I am 5'11". I have some big bags but never wear them. I go as far as putting all my stuff in them but then change my mind and go for a smaller bag. I have the cherry blossom pochette and it is one of my favorite bags, funny thing is I get lots of compliments on it. I wish LV made a bag that was about 4 inches taller and wider then the Sophie because it would be the perfect size for me. I haven't bought a new bag in quite some time becase everything seems too big or too small.
  11. Ohhh that bag looks GREAT! Love the popincourt. Just because you're tall doesn't mean you have to have a big bag. I am short and I have small bags AND big bags - they all fit my needs. I have the speedy 25 because I don't carry all that much - but may consider also getting a 30 because there are times I need a bigger bag. I think you have to use what you like and not worry about size. Thats the NICE thing about bags......they ALWAYS fit, right? ;)
  12. Thanks everyone for you nice comments. I love my popincourt, it's now become my favorite bag!

    I would never personally not buy a bag because someone said I was too tall for it, but I'm just wondering where this "rule" came from, and why it's so? I've even heard it mentioned one a E! show recently where they were talking abut size appropriate bags. They too said that small bag look "bad" on taller / biggerladies because it can make them look giant, which I think is bull.....
  13. The Popincourt looks sooooo cute on you!! :love: Personally, I think the whole "tall lady big bag" thing is BS... if you like a bag and feel comfortable wearing it, then go for it! IMO it's all a matter of personal preference and doesn't matter what anyone else thinks you SHOULD be carrying.

    PS- did you start watching any other J-drama series? =)
  14. Thank you littlepanda :smile:.

    I watched the first episode of a show called "Gokusen" which was really cute but I haven't had the chance to watch any more episodes, but I definitely will when I get the time. Two actors from Hana Yori Dango are in this as well!


  15. Let me know when you're done watching that one. I can recommend some others for you to watch as well! I'm pretty sure you could even search for them on Youtube.:yes: