Small bag needs small, light notebook...

  1. any favorites? I need something for jotting down ideas/a few words...I wish LV made one of those holders for 3/5 index what else can I use? Any favorites?
  2. Well, I just bought a notepad from LV, its the note insert for the pocket agenda. It's a nice little book all on it's own, you don't have to put it in an agenda holder. I think it was around $17 or something like that.
  3. They make a Mini Agenda, look on It looks just like my little Zippy Coin Purse but it had paper in it. My Zippy fits in my back pocket and the Mini Agenda is the same size.
  4. ooo hold on I know the perfect thing back soon
  5. ^ that's hot.
  6. LV makes a small notebook called the Carnet de Notes. The mono version retails for $305. It's a small refillable notebook and it comes with a pencil for jotting and one refill. The refills are a bit pricey though, but you might be able to find something similar at an office supply store instead of buying refills from LV.
  7. Not LV, but Hermes makes a notebook called the Ulysee. It comes in several sizes and colors and start at around $135, refills start at $25 depending on the size and the purpose. It's a favorite of mine to keep to-do lists and jot down things on a whim.
  8. Love the suhali notebook that label addict posted.:nuts: And, you don't even have to purchase an LV pen as it comes with a pencil.:tup:
  9. I love this one too. It's really cute in MC.